Hello everyone woah i just had a lottle something that got me going hot flashes in my body and made me jump

So im laying back on my couch next you know i felt like my heart jumped and made me dry cough aswell for some reason i thought i was going to die and got hot flash in my body what the hell i felt like something wrong with my heart it letraly jumped really hard my heard and made me cough then i was worried i thought i was going to die i try to act normal with my mom that was here at the moment to but i felt like something is wrong that just happen because im relaxing nothing else it felt like my heart jumped and i also coughed i been having that dry cough aswell for some reason it comes and goes and my throat and neck gets tite and could feel my pulse beating hard and fast at times this is scarying me a bit i dont kno what is this i feel like something aswell its wrong with my brain like i have tomou i get these feeling that comes from my brain and head that makes everything move uncontrolably just like it speeds my heart up and get all these physical sympthoms i never had before come on something has to be wrong if this just happend too.


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  • I'm sorry it's anxiety. You have got to stop worrying, before all of these symptoms.. from anxiety.. ruin this time in your life. You are young and you've got a lot of life ahead of you. All this will go away, if you accept the anxiety. Exercise.. go to counseling.. get your life back.

    Seriously you don't want it to get out of hand. Anxiety can be crippling.

    Take some of the advice you have been given Johnnie. Seriously, I've been there and I wish I would have listened a long time ago.

    Take care of your self X

  • yeah what did you do to get better?

  • Johnny you have asked so many people how did they get better and they have told you and you have not done one single thing that they have advised so why bother asking?

  • Im going to tell you something vbee did i ask you ? did i tell you to comment on my post this is a website to talk to people so if you have something negative to comment then you shoudlnt be under my post simple as that.

  • Johnny. I have replied in so many postive ways on your posts in the last 8 months. I have offered suggestions, advice, encouragement, and all of them to help you. You don't seem to be taking any advice from anyone but you keep asking for it. I gave you several book suggestions to read, supplements to take, dietary modifications you could make, encouraged you to take your medication, reassured you that your physical sensations were just that not a sign of anything more serious or life threatening but your repetitive posts with the same problems, indicate that you are not using the advice in the spirit that it is given - that is the spirit of helping you recover. There are so many people here trying to help you but it is like offering a thirsty man a glass of water and having him throw it in our face without drinking. You ignore doctors and cardiologists and neurologists diagnosis who are eminently qualified to determine your physical state of health and you are not going to a psychologist. I understand that this forum is for people suffering with anxiety but it is designed to help these people recover not compare symptoms.

    I wish you all the best in your life and shall refrain from commenting on your posts. Hopefully you get some comfort from other people.

  • VBEE! that was a bit unkind.johnee 1234 is suffering like we all are.please be kind!! No offence!

  • Let's not get heated people we are here to help eachother

  • Acceptance number one. For awhile I was on medication and I believe that helped me through some hard times when I was running to the ER all the time. I went to a counslor and recognized my stressors. Booked a massage... read up on ANXIETY disorder, nothing else.

    For awhile I stopped coming on here.

    Anything to help me get back on track.

    But you have to accept that it's anxiety or you will keep going around in circles thinking your dying from this and that. No fun

    Good luck X ☺

  • Google adrenaline rush and the fight or flight response. It's anxiety driven. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can begin recovering.

  • yeah but it just dont feel like i felt like i was going to die just now i even have a headache after what happen

  • Johnnie, It happens from time to time to all of us when we are relaxing. Your heart feels like it dropped with a thud in your chest, your body jumps and it even makes you cough. It has nothing to do with dying or even close to that. It is anxiety and stress that has built up over time and when you are relaxing, it confuses your body. As it tries to go into relaxation mode, it makes this hard jump feeling.

    What came after that is what needs to be addressed because that is what caused you to get anxious when your thoughts immediately went to danger red alert. Your throat and neck got tight, you heart started beating faster and you may even have felt warm all over. It's the adrenaline that got activated by that negative thought.

    Whenever something unusual like that happens, let it go...That feeling is only a couple seconds long and it will be over with unless we continue to think about it and worrying about it.

    You are okay, you are safe Johnnie..Start doing some deep breathing and restore some of the energy you expended from that fear. Relax and breathe. Nothing is wrong with your heart or your brain.

  • yeah think so agora1 ? im just worried about all this its so real physically and mentally

  • I know Johnnie all too real that is what makes us doubt the doctors. I feel you have gotten much better over time. I think others will agree. One day you will look back and realize it was anxiety and you will believe it.

  • yeah your right but the thing is i keep thinking something is wrong because its been 8 or 9 months already this way its crazy .

  • Do you ever see other posts from people who also have gotten anxiety after smoking weed? I always wish you could respond to them. Maybe they could relate to it going on for 9 months or so. I really don't know by now if it is still from the weed or has anxiety set in.

  • yeahh hope soo like right now for some reason im dizzy and my head feel wierd and when i walk i feel unblanced i came to laydown to try to relax dont know why im feeling this way now

  • You are feeling this way because we have been talking about it. I think it's best we close for tonight so that you can get some rest and not have this as the last thing on your mind before going to sleep.

    Try to relax some. Sleep well. Goodnight Johnnie

  • Thanks goodnight

  • It's anxiety I've had the same exact things happen to me. I almost went to the hospital but then I took Xanax to calm me down and it worked. My throat was closing and that was the scariest part. I read up on it and that's one of the symptoms of anxiety. It was really horrible, I thought I was dying.

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