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I hate the way anxiety makes me feel

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I'm debating right now whether I should go to the hospital or not! these attacks are mild and from experience they can go from 0/100 real quick , I don't wanna feel like this , mind u I'm on medication already . today was supposed to had been my intake and it was cancelled w out the hospital even calling me to let me know, now I gotta make another appointment and lucky me. I felt good today until a hour ago, the symptoms came very strong tried to knock me down . I felt even worse when my son seen the ambulance outside and thought it was me inside of it. I cried inside .he knows wen I'm bothered by my anxiety he always ask if it's coming back again , I explain to him what's going on, because he's young but he needs to know . he keeps me out the hospital, I try my best to fight it , I think about how I hve to get him up in the morning for school he's counting on me, I have to be there . sometimes I ask him to lay down with me, and just talk to him. he helps out alot when he sees me down. I just need to get better .

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I just was in ER. In my opinion, no. M.D.s are alp idiots! You may need hospital, i called 911 despite my own opinion this week! Just a word...somehow anxiety =idiot in med professionals. I was in withdrawal from M.D. prescribed benzo. First i had to convince them (cops) I'm not addict. Then had to convince n M.D. that I'm not insane, then try to tell them the doc was decreasing my meds and it went bad.didn't help my anxiety but now all the world knows my problems! That said, my mom was bi-polar before that was a thing. She had a " nervous breakdown" when i was two and in psych ward for 3 mo. Had 33 shock treatments that erased all memory of me. 6yrs. Later my dad died and poor mom raised 5 of us alone. Not bad for a crazy person. I was embarrassed when she told people, but I'm old, mom died 3yrs. ago. No one ever missed anyone more. My mom was the worlds greatest mom. I'm proud to tell you of her. Yes, your son may be frightened now, but it's much better in medical world now. Take care of you! Someday he will sing your praises,too. I was there 💖

Sorry for all your loss , I know how it is to lose someone thtz important to you , my sister passed away years ago. now the hospital doesn't really do anything for me, thtz y I don't go no more.

Maybe try changing your meds!

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I'm not changing no meds, next thing you know I done been on every meds there are. I refuse

Good for you!!!

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No more drugs!!!!! Well, at least for now(jerk, twitch,puke) 😯

Tarisha, something happened some time ago that has left you with nervous sensitization. It may have been worry, stress, overwork or disappointment. Whatever, it has caused you anxiety disorder though you don't mention the symptoms. In a way the symptoms, the bad feelings and the fear, in a way they don't matter because the problem is not the bad feelings it's your over sensitized nervous system. If your nerves can be made to recover, to lose their sensitivity, then you will become well again free from all the demons and free to enjoy life once again with your son.

Trisha, you can recover and you will recover, you don't need to feel like this for the rest of your life, the sun-lit days can return.

All your symptoms and bad feelings are fake, they are not real as in physical illness, they are caused by your tired nerves playing up. Every time they send you bad feelings you react with fear and fear is what fuels and maintains the sensitive state of your nerves. But if you could stop responding with fear you'd stop re-sensitising your nervous system, if only you could do that!

And you can and all you have to do is stop fighting the bad feelings and accept them calmly and with the minimum of fear. Fighting causes stress and tension, exactly what sensitized nerves don't need. So instead accept the bad feelings for the time being, surrender to them, let them flow over and past you, they can do you no bodily harm. So keep your cool, carry on as usual, you'll still feel rough, desensitization takes time.

So instead of going into fighting mode just chill, let every muscle in your body relax and go limp, accept everything your nerves throw at you and show no fear. And when you've practiced Acceptance for a while, surrendering completely to the bad feelings, your nerves will recover and you will regain your peace of mind once more.

Lol nobody never knows how to spell or my name correctly , it's ok I been going threw tht for years . now my symptoms are heart burn chest pain hurt beating threw my chest I can hear it , my head hurts badly to the point I'm gonna drop , it's alot of symptoms it changes .

Tarisha not Trisha, those symptoms will yield soon enough when you overcome their common cause: the over sensitivity of your nervous system which with practice and persistence can be cured through acceptance, not fighting and letting time pass.

I'll figure this out, soon or later . ur rite I have to accept the fact , I dealt with them all night, I had to because I wasn't going to noe hospital just for them to act like im crazy , one thing I won't do is let anyone disrespect me, just because they think something of me. the meds don't really work for me so all I have is me , which meaning I have to live w myself for the rest of my life . the meds won't b here forever. as of now I just want this thing to leave me be , I sit here with my baby nephew sometimes , and think every move he makes , he's gonna hurt himself . I'm looking around feeling crazy , this shit sucks imma stop writing cuz I don't know wat the hell I'm tlkin bout rite a about now, but thanks for the input .

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