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Like I’m not in my body..


Anyone get like this where you feel like you’re not in your body and it just feels weird. I guess coz my mind is constantly going and I get easily overwhelmed. I just hate it and I’ve been staying home a lot and going out makes me feel nervous esp if I have to be in line let’s say at a finite shop like this morning.

I just hate that I’m not in my body feeling nervousness. I swear my anxiety always transitions to something else- first it’s obsessing about breathing and now it’s like my spirit not in my body feeling.

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Donut^ shop

Is this derealization?!

kkat37 in reply to mz_rachel

Yes its derealization and I get it too I currently feel my whole week has been this way it so frustrating

Yes, I used to be like that and they adjusted my meds and I went to group counseling and I been a lot better.

Yes I get this hope feel better

This is depersonalization/derealism. As disturbing as it is, it is in fact just one of the many symptoms of anxiety, and nothing more than that. You can read all about what it is and how to recover from it here:

Yes I have it. Really would like to get rid of it. Does anyone else feel like they’re spaced out on drugs? I’ve felt like this for years, surely it can’t be still anxiety. I’m not aware of anything I’m anxious about?

I have been feeling this way lately a fair bit as I'm tapering off so getting withdrawal symptoms. Exercise helps me a great deal. I mindfully challenge anxious feelings now, leading to me to simply wipe them aside more and more often. Above all else, I am hopeful things will change for the better and that I have a bright future. These challenges we face can make us stronger in the long run :)

It's derealisation/depersonalization


Yes I’ve felt this way before. It happens frequently when I’m having PTSD episodes. But I’m sure it can happen elsewhere too

I get this symptom a lot !!!!

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