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Hate health anxiety-physical symptoms scare me


Been dealing with some mild dizziness and head pressure and sensitivity to light for a week now. Saw my dr yesterday, but he just said it was probably labrynthitis or another inner ear inflammation. I just can't stop worrying that maybe it's something worse. What if it's a brain tumor? That's what scares me.

Trying to be patient and give the symptoms time to go away, but the anxiety just won't quit. The what if. Thoughts are terrifying me and making me want to demand an MRI just to reassure me that nothing is wrong.

I just hate this!

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I have your exact symptoms and your exact fear. It's taking over, all I constantly think about is anxiety can't be causing this and there must be something wrong with my brain. I feel detached sometimes. And when I walk sometimes I get dizzy and that sends me into a panic thinking I have a brain tumor and then I'm messed up for the rest of the day. I hate feeling like this and I don't like leaving the house accept to go to work and it's causing tension on my marriage because all I want to do is lay In bed and I feel like a piece of crap mom. Anxiety seems to be controlling me right now. I know it might not be what you want to hear but your post has really helped me, makes me feel like maybe this is only anxiety because you feel the exact same way I do. Hope you start feeling better. I'm seeing a psychologist and doing CBT. Sometimes it feels like it's working and sometimes it doesn't.

Yes, and separating what's real from what's just the effects of anxiety is so difficult. I'm a mom of 4, so I get that feeling of being a bad mom too. I know my kids love me but I feel like they're only getting half of the mom they deserve...and I know the mom I can be is in there.

One day at a time and sometimes one hour at a time. I celebrate the good times when I don't feel so bad and ask God to double it!!! There is an end to it...it's just finding the right pieces to make the puzzle complete

It's hard with health anxiety. If you get the MRI and it is negative, then where will you go? If you get the MRI and there is something, will it make you feel better knowing? Dizziness is a very common anxiety symptom but it does not feel common at all when it is happening to you. Head pressure with dizziness sounds like inner ear/ sinus issues. I have chronic sinusitis and you are explaining exactly my symptoms. I think that those of us with health anxiety are hyper aware of our bodies and any change, subtle or otherwise, sends us down the rabbit whole. We spend our lives listening for clues and seeking answers and, if you are like me, desperate for moments of peace. Moments where the "symptoms" don't matter and I can relax and laugh and enjoy life without worry. I find these moments mostly when I am occupied with something other than myself. When I set my mind free. So, for me, getting involved in something that occupies my mind, whether it be at home out outside, helps. It can be a pleasant distraction from the constant inner chatter. i hope that you can find relief.

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This is so spot on!

I am having dizziness and head pressure as well, even sometimes when I am lying down, and it is terrifying. This is a new symptom for me, so I am freaked out that it's something else. I have the same fear of a brain tumor. I take a small dose (0.25) of Xanax as needed, and it seems to help stop the dizzy feeling for awhile. I've been taking the same dosage for ten years and have not formed a dependence.

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday to make sure it's not something else. It's horrible having to guess what's causing these scary feelings. I have a 7-year-old, and I feel like this is so unfair for him to have to deal with a mom (and a single mom at that) like me.

I'm so sorry you're going through this, and I hope you find something that helps.

I hate this too!

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