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Did anyone think that we all might me missing on vital Vitamins(B6/B12) Omega? I hate meds :(

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To all members, I have read few questions/answers and it seems everyone suffer from more or less same symptoms, irritability, depression,stress,dizziness,short of breath...

now i was reading and researching the internet today if I take enough B6/B12 in my diet and it turned out that no I am not. I am vegetarian and very picky in my food, I never make the daily recommended allowance of any the vital vitamins my body needs. I can't go to GP and ask him to do me a test to see if it will show on a blood test, they are trying to save some money and he will not even listen to me, he just want to give me some tablets and shut me up.

Guess what missing those vital vitam cz same symptoms, first thing that disappear from the body when stresses is V.B6/12 and this makes our body weak and we start experiencing shortness of breath, etc...

Please share your views and if we can relate to each other maybe we can find the answer and stay away from meds

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what also happens is when you are stressed or having any kind of negative emotion your body released chemicals called cortisol from your adrenal gland, it also raises blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar etc and because of the mind and body connection... negative emotion causes all sorts of problems physically.

very true, thx for that, I know mind can take you place that never thought you can think off!!! that is why I believe that if we change the way we think is better off that any meds!!! power of mind!!!

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yes it's true. The best pharmacy is your own mind because it creates the things you require. We'll heal when we break a leg and no one raises and eye brow, but talk about self healing of the mind-body connection such as major illnesses and it gets dismissed!

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You all speak the truth, I just told my hubby I go back to doctors at the end of the month an I'm asking no telling her I want blood work done on what I'm lacking I'm tired of this it's my body! I read a lot about this lately I'm glad it's not just me!!!!!!

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As John has already said, anxiety increases adrenaline and cortisol, which have detrimental effects on your body in many ways. However, a number of supplements do have beneficial effects on anxiety, most notably magnesium and vitamin B complex. As someone who has anxiety combined with OCD, I, of course have a ridiculous array of supplements that I take; some every day, some when things are extra bad. I'm also on Lexapro, that is specifically for the OCD, not the general anxiety.

Every day:

Starflower oil

Vit B complex

Calcium + vit D3 (for me boooooonnnesss)

If and when needed

Magnesium (I'd take this more often but it's really difficult to swallow without choking!)



Vit D

Kalms (valerian, valerian, sweet valerian)

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Oh yeah, regarding diet, I try to keep processed sugars down. I tend to eat salmon/eggs/some form of protein for breakfast, decaff coffee at 9.30am (only very rarely will I have caffeine), salad for lunch, and some form of protein + veg for dinner. I drink too much red wine for it's sedative effects (oh dear).

Good sources of protein for veggies = chickpeas (roasted, mashed, lots of ways to do them, DELICIOUS in a curry with aubergines and stuff), lentils, beans of all kinds. These pulses are so good for you and can taste absolutely delish in the right combinations

i understand your point and do agree to an extent but i have been tested for my B levels and they are fine but yet i still have all these emotional problems. i would prefer not to take meds but unfortunatly my situation needs them soi must stress to people dont knock meds until you have tried them......yes they do have side effects like everything but once they kick in if they work for you and it makes your life better then great, you dont have to be on them forever. x

I've been taking vitamin c b12 and oega 3 capsuals for about two weeks im sleeping alot better which seems to help with all the other symtoms except my mood swings Which are the worst thing. I seem to get on with everyone exept the one I love the most my wife. Not been told I have bi polar yet will find out next week..

Hello all my lovelies :) I very much appreciate all your replies :)

I bought myself VB complex yesterday and started taking it today, for some reason it gave my urine very yellow color (not worried just a bit of concern) the man said all the vitamins that you don't need will flush out of your system, I paid £17 for it!!

every day i take below:

Fresh Lemon juice with warm water and a tiny spoon of Manuka honey

I am taking the vitamins B complex with fortified cereals and almonds and fresh orange juice (VB needs some fats to be absorbed by the body, fat in almonds provide that)

in the middle of my lunch meal I take my Omega 3/6 (Flaxseed oil capsule, I've read a lot about the Omega capsules and Flaxseed turned out to be better than fish)

trying to drink more water, eating more fruits and veg.

I do have problem with my stomach, i've been suffering for some time but with my anxiety it is much worse, it seems everything I eat nowdays causing me bloating/gas (stress does that as well) consulted herbalist and doctor overseas explaining my symptoms and it seems my large intestine is out of order, can cause all of this and some annoying feeling of flatulence after eating in the chest area which make me worry (heart tested with no problem) stress makes me deep breath all the time and this cause swallowing too much air sometimes, maybe eating fast as well.

sam1981 not sure what kind of test they did, I hope they did test you on all the Bs, by the way it take 5 years to tell if the body is missing those vital vitamins, so it might be now you don't but later, doctors do not bother to link things together or ask about your life style, they just don't have time for that, you have to do a lot of research on your own and get some advice like all of us from each other that do go through the same horrible feelings

derekcam I am happy that it worked for you, not sure why you are not getting on with your wife, as you still love her?? could be that you are angry because you are having these symptoms and cannot cope with taking care of her like you used to?? she will understand, please please make sure you sit down and tell her your concern if you, explain what you feel and that sometimes she needs to take care of you, if you don't you will grow apart and your feelings will be much harder to deal with.

peace and love to all xx

hi all read today in the paper that two slices of water melon a day release the feel good chemical in your brain serotoning x

Yes, I can relate to that. Seeing a herbalist, she gave me some Magnesium (MagTaur) , first ProOmega Vitamin D, now ProEpa, and some probiotics for the first 4-6weeks, as she explained that due to the stress the stomach walls are irritated and not letting the "stuff" we need through anymore, so we had to fix this with the probiotics. And she suggested to eat more protein. Also I am taking a herb, 3ml daily on empty stomach and twice a day a tonic , 7.5ml, out of 5 herbs after some food, which she slightly changed after seeing her for 3 months.

The first one is called Albizzia.

The first tonic was made out of Liquorice, skullcap, chamomille, passionflower and whitania. Now it's Skullcap, Liquorice, Whitania, Manuka and KawaKawa...

And I am really happy with those.

I do attend the gym, seeing a personal trainer once a week and downloaded an app which is giving me 3 workouts per week and I do take extra whey protein when exercising...

I do feel way better since I started to see the herbalist first time in early May this year and she is saying too, that I am on a really fast way of recovering, transformation? already, which is amazing...even though I do have those bad days I am feeling I am dying right now...or going crazy...

Ah, and I did quit coffee, going back to drink more loose leaf teas....and adding Gingko leaves or fresh ginger...

My husband is saying, that I gonna die very healthy ;)

As my diet is fresh and seasonal food, not much meat neither fish - I don't like fish for some reason....

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