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Weird menthol feeling all over my body!!!


From time to time I get these menthol sensations all over my body that sometimes triggers my panic attacks cause they scare me!!! Does anyone else get these feelings? And whenever I talk to my doctor about it they look at me like I'm crazy and I feel stupid talking to them about it!

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I get those too. It's a symptom of anxiety. :c sometimes I even feel like my skin is crawling

I get that too and I get itchy sometime... What about cramps in your left arm during ur anxiety?? Do u get those as well?

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No i don't have only feeling menthol all over my body even in my eyes and in my mount

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Please what did you do to stop this sensation. Am feeling the same way and I don't know what to do. Advice please

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Please what did u

do to stop the menthol sensation all over the body.

Hi.I just had this mint sensation in my chest, arms and hands and found it so weird.I started thinking it could be anxiety or kind of a panic attack.So I search in Google and found your comment here.So just wanted to let you know, that I believe you even tho it could sound insaine which I thought it could sound if I go to ER and tell them.I'm hoping it won't happened again to yourself and I🤷It's feels kind of scary.Good luck.

You need to tell a psychologist,not a doctor.They can help with this much better.They will understand your problem.Good luck!!

Hi Destinyweathers, you call it a menthol feeling and I use to say it was like a peppermint feeling that would overtake my body. All a part of the anxiety disorder.

I know this is kinda old but I'm having the same thing right now. And well all day. It's freaking me out. I may have even gone to the ER😣 They may have sent me home after likely thinking I'm insane (I am..). Hypothetically, of course.

Anyway, OP, did you figure out what was causing it?

I do have anxiety, specifically health, so my normal meter is way off for things like this. Hence the (hypothetical) ER trip😔

Help! Tell me I'm not dying?

Yes i went straight to the emergency room and they checked everything told me my heart and all my vitals looked great and that they see this alot and that is was a form of anxiety! And that its not life threatening of anything to worry about and that anxiety does weird things to the body and jus to stay calm and tell urself ur okay..... Your not dying baby its just our anxiety acting up

I am having the same exact symptom and its been freaking me out. Thank you for posting.

I started having the same symptoms recently. It started while I was sleeping a couple of weeks ago and I suddenly felt a "minty fresh" feeling pouring out of my joints. It persisted and seems to come and go and travel to different places. I also have the cramp in my upper left arm and dull head aches on the left side of my head that also come and go. I saw my doctor who said it was from an overloaded nervous system and prescribed a drug short term but it dries me out and makes the headache and head congestion worse. I have started seeing an acupuncturist for help. Thanks for these posts. It is comforting to know that others have experienced this as doctors I have spoken to say they have never heard of a "menthol sensation" suddenly all over the body.

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I recently started experiencing this and it sucks. Did you get it to go away? I also been having a burning sensation in my bottom did u experience that? I've been to doctor 3 times for the burning sensation but they don't see anything and it will go away for days then starts again so frustrating

Destinyweathers in reply to 5_00

I did get it to go away after having so many tests done and blood work done all tests amd blood work would come back positive and I kept pushing my doctor's nerves to where she repeated all tests a few times and still everything came back normal I also have anxiety disorder so they informed me that your body does weird things in many different ways when it comes to anxiety so I used my mental with this one and told myself everyday I'm healthy I'm okay I'm not dying I said this like a affirmation everyday and when I would get them fewer and further between I would ignore it knowing I'm Okay and I just completely stopped having them! I also would have them when I had to have a bowel movement which is where the burning would come in and I also have GERD and even had a test to make sure I didn't have ulcers in my stomach and my bottom and none was found I suffer from constipation so I made sure to drink my Miralax daily to make sure I went regularly and that also helped with those sensations! I don't have them any more at all and no more burning either. I will pray for you so you may also finally get relief and comfort.. Hope this helped stay strong my love you can beat this too💖

I did the same as you Destinyweathers x Affirmations every day.

I'm glad you are doing so much better. :) xx

I am glad you are doing better as well its nice to know we all will get bwtter with time and it's not permanent Thank you all for being here when I needed to talk and helping me out💖

I am having the same sensations they are driving me crazy....

I still have them til this day it comes and goes and sometimes along with it i get that derealization where i feel like im in a dream state and im really not here but clearly i am here lol but ive been to my doc other docs, 2 different cardiologists, and a gastrologists that says my health is un perfect shape and nothing wrong with me and that is my anxiety disorder doing so and i have gerd they also said those is associated with my gerd flare ups.... Yes u name it ive felt it and panicked and went straight to the ER where they know me personally by name before i even sign in

How often do you get them I have it too my primary thinks it’s MS had a brain mri normal I have anxiety myself

I used to get them all the time but it has slowed down I still get them but rarely I haven’t been checked for MS

Yea I get them on and off mainly in legs where ... what does the dr say causes it

They told me im healthy and have checked everything so they chopped it up to it Anxiety Disorder

I’ve been getting anxiety for years but this is the first time I’ve gotten a minty feeling. I told my husband if he put lotion on or thinking if I touched something minty but then it traveled to my legs and it’s all over my body. We were walking up the stairs and I told my kids n hubby I felt like I wasn’t here. Like out of body. I just showered but my body feels minty. I’m trying to relax but it’s annoying. I’m glad I googled and found this forum. I do have an overload of anxiety and panic attacks sometimes. Not sure how this started out of no where when I was in my car but hoping this minty feeling goes away. My husband said he doesn’t want to hear it because I always have a new symptom going on with me. Haha Not funny but I seriously do. He said I’m a “hypochondriac!!” I’m trying to relax. I hate this mint feeling though. It’s like if I rubbed minty gum on my body and it’s coming out of my pores. I also saw someone stating they have GERD. I also have GERD and stomach issues but maybe this is something to do with nerves I’m guessing since we all get anxiety even though I had no anxiety whatsoever when I was in my car but now this mint all over me won’t go away.

has anybody here been taking peppermint oil capsules ???

I haven't tried them.... What are the benefits of taking them

Diannadada in reply to SevenUp7

Never have

I'm just starting to get these, I've been suffering from nerve pain for 3 years now, severe upon awakening. But now I feel this menthol cooling sensation in my whole body. Its better than the severe nerve pain but its so wierd and scary and i'd like to know what it is.

I start to feel this menthol cold feeling few weeks ago and never recognize me as having anxiety. I have been looking for somebody or article on internet to read about it and finally i could read here from you. I have been to a doctor and he told «i do not have idea what can cause it» . So i am worried, curious and really would like to understand more about this menthol cold feeling under the skin (legs, stomach, back, hands...everywhere)

How do i know more about it? Do you have articles or some orthers informations? And of course...thank you. I was good to read here and see that i am not alone.

Best regards


You're not alone. I'm experiencing this now. Sometimes the minty cold feeling goes across my chest, sometimes both arms and chest. Or down my legs. It's so scary to me and I'm glad I found your post.

I've been dealing with an allergic reaction to bug bites all over my legs, slow healing. Two weeks with a huge blister. Don't know what bit me either. Then this week a good friend passed away suddenly. My body has been going through so much stress.

Mine does it not all the time but often and I've gotten used to it I've had all kinds of tests done to see if its telling me something about my health but so far im in good health and they said ur body does weird things when u have Anxiety issues I also suffer from Gerd so when it happens I just pay it no mind and eventually it goes away faster than it came

I created an account because im currently experiencing this menthol sensation ALL OVER MY BODY INCLUDING EYEBALLS.... This is probably how Elsa feels. Anyways, anyone know anything?

I had the same thing all over my body even felt like it was in my lungs and some days just certain parts of my body and I would constantly check my bp or heart rate and breathing count which was always normal so I asked my doctor can she do blood work and other tests she also sent me to a few specialists I thought I needed to see and every test I was given including labs were all normal but I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and I felt it every time my anxiety acted up so I ignored it when it happened and took my meds she gave me which were buspirone & hydroxyzine as needed which stopped my anxiety in it's tracks!! And it's cut back I no longer take buspirone but i do take my hydroxyzine only when i feel uneasy and every once in a blue moon I get that menthol feeling but not as heavy as it once was and it doesn't last long anymore just remain calm and ignore it and it'll disappear before u know it

I've scoured the entire internet and this is the only thread I could find with the exact symptoms my mother is experiencing. She's had a rollercoaster of symptoms for the past 2 months after a sudden ringing started in her ear. Since then she's very weak, she's having trouble swallowing, she's losing weight, her blood pressure is constantly out of wack, but most notably she experiences constant episodes where her entire body has a numb-like feeling in which she explains that her body feels like it's freezing and a vicks like chill rushes through her.

We've visited doctors and specialist, run several test but everything comes back relatively normal for her age and medical conditions.

If anyone here has found any resolution to the similar symptoms I've explained above, I would love to hear your story. Just know that you're not alone, I know this thread is a bit older but I'll be praying for everyone in the comments.

Thank you and May God Bless You All.

I've had the same exact symptoms as your mom and had all kinds of blood work done and tests even heart tests and all came back normal I was sure they weren't looking deep enough they kept putting on my anxiety disorder and me being a hypochondriac so I was given meds in which I took only when needed and started meditating and telling myself on a day to dy basis that I Okayy I'm really Okayy and healthy I started eating healthier some times I slacked but I cut out some of my caffeine intake staying away from thing that scared me or made me nervous doing things like crossword puzzles, watching fav funny shows (like Friends) and just working on not over thinking it and finally my mind relaxed I havent had this issue in a longggggggg time

Hi Destinyweathers happy to hear the good news.

Sending hugs your way. :) xx

I have definitely had this sensation before. It’s such a weird symptom & hard to explain to anyone without them thinking you’re crazy!

Yes most doctors look at me so weird when I would explain but as I just replied to message up top doing all those things helped Aloottttt I haven't felt them in a long time

Wow, experienced this feeling for the first time last night, scared the hell out of me. Woke my wife up and told her it felt like peppermint lotion was smeared all over my back and arms. Never thought I would find anything online relating to this so I was very encouraged to come across this forum. Obviously, anxiety is nothing to ignore, but relieved to read some of the findings here and also know I am not crazy, maybe just really stressed...Thanks for advice!

I've had every test done possible and all tests that were done multiple times spaced out came back normal I only got this sensation when I would have bad panic attacks or when my GERD acted up my doctor told me to ignore it and it took me a while but finally I was able to tell myself I'm healthy I'm Okayy I'm not dying and eventually I've noticed I don't even have this sensation anymore

Not to make myself out as Presidential or anything, but I am the least anxious person I know. It's amazing. Nobody has ever been ever been less anxious than I am. Still, after many years of being referred to as Mr. Freeze (Batman character) by family members because I was never cold when they were, things have dramatically changed. For six months now, I feel like somebody took a menthol roller ball and ran it over my arms and torso (not so much my legs). While I am far from old (a mere lad of 78), my PCP has a facile explanation of age-related skin thinning. If that is the case, why did my skin thin within a matter of months? The symptoms did appear as Covid began to be part of our daily lives, but it never made me anxious because I am content with being a shut in. Maybe some day, we will know more about "menthol syndrome". In the meanwhile, don't chalk it up to anxiety unless sudden anxiety predated your mentholalgia.

I do not get these feelings anymore I don't know whay happen but I am very happy I do not get these anymore.

Thank you! I know this was 4 years ago, but it helped me! I've been coming off of lamactil for 4 months now, and expierieced so many odd sensations from anxiety!

I had mine a lot after I had my 3rd child and I had constant panic attacks and my anxiety heightened to its fullest but learning to control my anxiety and ignore those menthol sensations by telling myself I'm healthy I'm okay I'm not dying I was able to over come it I haven't had that sensation in since 2016 I had my daughter in 2015

Hi Destinyweathers, I am sooo happy to hear that you've overcome

the sensation. Good for you. :) xx

Thank you so muchhhh it's such a big relief!!!! How is everyone else feeling with it??

I made it a point to join this group so this can help others as you have helped me today. I have had this menthol IcyeHot sensation that moves around throughout limbs, face, back or eyeballs. Water feels warm on my hands when it is in fact cool water and as I write to you, the fan blowing in my face makes the menthol feeling worse. It doesn't happen every day. Although I plan on seeking medical care for testing, it does help to know that I am not alone! I guess sometimes we don't realize how much anxiety we carry. I'll be sure to post an update for the group.

Destinyweathers in reply to az11

I had just the same in the same areas as you and I've had every test i could think of including multiple blood works done to xrays and ultrasounds on my body including CT scans and MRI's you name it they kept looking at me like I was crazy but they listened to me and did every thing for everything to be NORMAL

Wow thanks for this forum! I just now started having that menthol feeling for the first time in my life. I feel on the back of my hands and also on my nose. I feel like if I took vaporub and rub it on my hands and my nose. It’s crazy. I never thought there are more people experiencing the same symptoms. It’s nice to know that it might be realated to Anxiety Disorder. I have never been diagnosed with that but I’m guessing that’s what’s happening here.

Agora1 in reply to Av87

It sure is from Anxiety Av87 I first suffered from that intense menthol feeling 30 years

ago. I never knew anyone else who could relate to that feeling until this forum.

You are never alone in what you feel or experience. :) xx

Av87 in reply to Agora1

Thanks for the reply Agora1. I notice before these menthol feelings I had a panic/anxiety attack. Like my heart rate went up. I took a shower and then like 30min after I started having this menthol sensation. And as I type I can feel it on th back of my fingers and legs as well.

Agora1 in reply to Av87

Av87, Anxiety can produce many different sensations. I believe this is one of the less common ones. However, it comes from the same issue which is hyperstimulation of the nervous system. Whether if it stems from a real cause or even a thought, the

reaction can be the same. We go into the fight or flight mode and because we are

not truly in danger except in our mind, our body reacts by the over sensitized nervous system. The blood is diverted to the major organs allowing us to run or fight. When this happens it can leave us cold, tingly, sweaty as well as this warm peppermint/menthol feeling.

Sometimes an Anxiety attack can be attached to this sensation and sometimes it's just the sensation along with racing heart and dizziness It all depends in how our

mind interprets the threat at the time. The problem comes not from this feeling but

from us being put into a fear of fear cycle after this. This allows for the adrenaline

to stay present in the body making us more prone to another attack.

If we can accept it as non life threatening, we will automatically go into normal breathing which in turn will put us back into a calm state of both mind and body.

Once we learn how the Mind/Body Connection deals with stress and fear, we can

better understand how we can eliminate most anxiety from our lives. Anxiety will

always be a part of living however we can learn how to accept it for what it is and in

this way reduce the sensations :) xx

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