Constantly moving/rocking/swaying in my body

Hi All. I am at wits end. I seriously want to give up. I have been living with a constant moving/rocking/swaying sensation in my whole body (but its all inside my body.. you cant see it happening from the outside). All my doctors and therapist say it is anxiety. I cant get better because I do not believe them. Does anyone else have this and is it just anxiety. Thank you.

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  • Yes. I have generalized anxiety disorder and i do have this symptom. It does freak me out because i am afraid of earthquakes and that feeling is usually constant so it spikes my anxiety. After a while i got somewhat used to it so it doesnt affect like it did before but it does get rather annoying. If you feel fine otherwise, then it is definitely anxiety.

  • Yes I've had this due to anxiety. I also have TMJD, I grind my teeth at night due to stress and anxiety, and that's also one of the symptoms. What are you doing to relax??

  • nothing yet to relax.. but I am sleeping alot

  • It is anxiety. Get some help with a counsellor you will never look back .. I've had it all dizzy spells . Constant dizziness feeling the whole room is moving around me . Lights flashing room spinning muscle cramps muscle pain really bad ear ache head ache you name it I've had it. Go on you tube and. Play some mindfulness meditation help heal your mind

    My doc got fed up with me after 20 years of this I was sent to a fantastic councillor he helped me through it with meditation

  • Do you no longer have it now you've dealt with the anxiety?

  • Not really I never been to docs for 2. Years I meditate and that helps 100%

  • But you no longer have the rocking/swaying?

  • I also have this but have you asked about vertigo as this could be a possibility

  • I have had my ears checked by an ENT specialist and they fine.

  • OMG! I've struggled so hard to find someone with this. I HAVE THIS! Been suffering with it since January 2016.

    What started it all off for you? Did something traumatic happen? What other symptoms do you have?

  • yes something terrible. my husband had an awful seizure infront of me two years ago. I was fine but then stopped eating, was petrified he was going to have another one so started not sleeping in case he did.. oh my word so many things.. and poof, it just started, and has never stopped.

  • I also sometimes nearly pass out but never seem too (thank the Lord) and get very light headed

  • Awk Debbie - I recognise you. I have you on FB! :)

  • Irish Monkey, did you have something happen to start it? IF not, did you take any antibiotics before the onset of this? In my case that's what the culprit was.

  • Wow really? Are you still like this after the antibiotics?

    Well, I found blood on the toilet and went to hospital and I took a panic attack. That's when the swaying started...

  • Yes, I took Cipro in May, and I have had this and other symptoms. Some people call it "Internal tremors" and I also have dizziness, (which is why I call myself Dizzy Kitty--and other things. It's best to avoid Cipro and other Fluoroquinolones and take an alternative antibiotic if one is needed. Cipro also causes/or worsens anxiety and panic. It's a known side affect, but doctors never seem to warn the patients of the risks with these drugs, unfortunately.

  • Mine start when I heard my mom and sister was sick. I was really really scared. That's when the swaying started. How are you dealing with it? Is it anxiety?

  • I have suffered all my life with anxiety my phsycologist told me it is only a thought that triggers us off we must remove the thought immediately and stop the cycle it was hard at first but I did it after a few months of mindfulness and meditation. Go on you tube and listen to some

  • Hi irrish

    I thought I was the only one having this. I'm feeling that swaying sensation like if I'm on boat.. It goes away when have a long sleep.. and come back once I wake up ( when I start doing some work at home) I am also having dizziness. It drives me crazy. But the good thing is that when I am around people I don't feel anything... when I go out or hand out with friends or family nothing goes wrong. But once home in quite place I start feeling these sensation.

  • It's such a horrible thing to live with I've Been doing okay past couple of weeks then Saturday around 3ish it hit me shaky blurry eyes extremely tired but I know I'm over coming it as I carried on my day! Usually I'd go an lie down an do nothing I say lie down I have a 2 year old so try to lie down ha you just think surly all these symptoms can't be anxiety it's crazy what it can do too you !

  • I know.. its terrible. Mine will not stop 24/7

  • Hello,

    I am no doctor by any means, but I have experienced similar issues since my anxiety kicked up about 2 years ago. Do you have any other symptoms related to pain, numbness, limited mobility, etc. in your arms and/or hands? Just asking, because there is a possibility that there's compression in your Cervical section of your spine. I still have this sought of "vertigo" like feeling today. I notice it more when taking anti-anxiety/ depression medications on an empty stomach and drinking caffeine. Also, it occurs mainly in the morning or afternoon. When I was in a hospital program, they constantly asked about sleep and diet. Make sure you eat (even though we aren't hungry often) quality foods 80% of your daily intake. The doctors also suggested limiting caffeine/sugar intake... soda, coffee, tea, chocolate.

    Hope you get something out of this and know that your not delusional or alone. Anxiety is the culprit not you. When you get these feelings, say this mantra to yourself.

    "This is just effects of anxiety. I am not going to be harmed, nor does it represent who I am. These symptoms I am experiencing will soon pass as they have before."

  • I have all of those things, caused by Cipro. Its very common but doctors seem oblivious. If you took a broad spectrum antibiotic prior to the onset of your symptoms, that could be the culprit. Symptoms can be delayed (mine were)and I only had a short course of the pills, but I was unlucky. So, even if you have not taken Cipro or another fluoroquinolone, I would suggest avoiding them in the future as they can make all of this worse, including the anxiety. Anxiety is a known side affect of these drugs. If you did take one, you might check out, which is there to help those of us affected (like me) :) I wish you luck.

  • I've had that kind of thing and internal tremors, and I know that certain Rx drugs can cause that, sometimes delayed. Before this started, did you happen to take any broad spectrum antibiotics, by any chance? How long have you had this symptom by the way? One thing that can't hurt but might help with things like this is taking a magnesium supplement. Magnesium deficiency won't show up in a blood test, but many are deficient and don't know it. I take a magnesium malate supplement along with food, and it's helped some of my strange symptoms, which in my case were caused by taking Cipro for a UTI. My symptoms were delayed so I didn't connect them until later, but Cipro and many other drugs actually leach magnesium from the body. Anyway, I hope this might help some, and I wish you luck.

  • What does Rx mean?

  • Prescription drugs.

  • Tension built up I'm your neck and shoulders could be a big culprit. Our anxiety has a way of slowly and silently tightening Our muscles in these areas as a sort of survival response. The nearly fainting is one of the signs. Look into some neck and back stretching for anxiety. Your neck muscles have so much to do with balance and healthy living. Look into it. It has been a difference maker for me, along with talking to a counselor.

  • Did you have tension In the front of the neck as well? I have been having s lot of tightness and pain infront if my neck lately and it's freaking me out because I don't see others complaining if having it in the front of their necks and under the chin.

  • Definitely. I work at a computer a lot, and had bad posture. The sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle was contracted in the front of my neck. And it was actually causing chest pain too. These muscles connect the back of your head all the way around to your sternum though. They can cause a variety of symptoms, including dizziness and equilibrium issues. Many are related to anxiety tension as well. Check out some here.... I really believe a lot of my off balance feelings are attributed to years of bad posture, anxiety, and texting.

  • Are you now cured?

  • I've been back to work for almost a year, after being out for almost a full year prior to that. Im not back to 100%, but the neck stretching, massage therapy, and counseling have allowed Me to make a comeback. Haven't got rid of the anxiety, but I know better now How to manage it, and decrease its frequency and intensity. Also, bought an expensive feather pillow, and focused very hard on getting a good night's sleep. I don't have exactly what others have, but I hope to let people know there are ways to attack this head on. This is how I've been doing it.

  • For years, ever since I was younger, I would periodically incur episodes where I would have an intense feeling of Deja Vu, usually triggered by something I hear someone say or something I read. And most often I feel like I heard these words spoken in my dreams I have had in the past, but I couldn't remember because you dream in short term memory. But all of a sudden these "memories" of the dream resurface and I get nausea, dizziness and confused. And then as soon as the episode is over (about 30 seconds), I forget all about the dream again and I can't remember any of it....

    Now this doesn't happen to me often. At most it happens like twice per year, lasting usually 1 to 3 days. During the days that I am having these episodes it seems to happen roughly 5 - 10 times during the day.

    (I'm currently on day 2 of this happening to me)

    I don't have seizures, I don't do any drugs. I've been pretty tired the last couple of days, but I have been sleeping alright. No other known medical issues.

    Any ideas? I think it might be a supernatural psychic ability that I just can't harness (joking)

    I found this on the web, this happens to me also. Can anyone relate to this?

  • Hi debby47

    How are you feeling nowadays?

    I'm currently having those sensation like rocking swaying like if on boat. I've been to my gp he said to me I have had panic attack. He gave me some medcine but to no vain it didn't stop. I've tried some relaxing method it did help but it comes back when I think about it. I have a dizziness accompany with my motion. It all happens if I am at home alone, when I am around people or going out I feel nothing wrong with me. But once home in a quite place it then starts.

  • hi beeza, the same with me i always feel rocking sensation, even while standing i feel like im in the elevator. i also had episodes of panic attaks last month so i think it is because of anxiety.

  • Yeah, I think its anxiety . It's all happened when I was told my mom and sister was sick , and the swaying started since then. I can't get rid of this rocking swaying sensation. What about you?

  • For me it was started when our company have annual physical exam, when my bp spikes due to stress.i always think i have hypertension,though all my medical test are normal.i think i also developed white coat syndrome.aftr episodes of panic attacks i always feel the rocking/swaying sensation..

  • I hope we get well soon. Did you try some relaxing method? I'm actually doing some at home I feel so good after doing it.. I always keep myself busy.. but still if I've nothing to do it comes . I came across a post Facebook on " herbs and home remedies " a post shows how someone can Contributes to anxiety and panic attacks, its a lack of vitamins B6. I was once told in the past that lack of vitamins can contributes to anxiety. I was put on multi vitamins " sargeform " I quite it for a long time, thinking of taking it again.

  • Sorry " herbs and natural remedies

  • Yes the breathing method it helps me to relax, but sometimes u cant relax when u feel the bad sensations cause of anxiety.its really hard to control your thoughts.everytime i think im dizzy then i will feel dizzy..but when im busy i feel good.

  • I have the same symptoms and I call it motion sickness at all times. Working in fluorescent lights makes it even worse. I feel like I kind of have to hold onto things at all times. It also makes me nauseous so it sucks. Some days are better than others and exercising seems to help, I am kind of getting used to this feeling and hope it will eventually fade. Let me know if you find anything that helps with this

  • Same with me, when i went to the grocery there are florescents and the reflections in the floor makes me feel like im on the boat.i hate those annoying sensations

  • Hi.

    Try some multivitamins... vitamins B6 is very important maybe we lack of it in our body. I came across a post on facebook yesterday which shows how " low vitamins B6 contributes to anxiety" I was once told by my gp about this.

  • Thanks. I am taking a b vitamin complex. I am suspecting my symptoms could either be anxiety, hormonal based or side effects from celexa as well as visual issues I do have new glasses that I am supposed to wear but right now I just can't wear them because it makes me feel even dizzier and throws off my perceptual skills, I am hoping to try it when I start feeling a little bit less off. I may start taking the pill again in a month or so to watch for improvement. I am also not sleeping great so that could contribute. I did decrease my celexa last week, seemed to help being less sedated but the motion sickness feeling is still with me, I am trying not to get depressed or freaked out about these symptoms because it just makes it worse, I tell everyone I feel fine and I almost believe it sometimes, when this motion sickness feeling is not too bad,

  • I will go back to taking multivitamins though, because maybe it's another vitamin, who knows!

  • Exactly. I am taking multivitamins. Drinking milk 2 -3 times per day. I eat carrot every morning. Boiled egg. Broccoli. Avocado. I just hope we get better soon.

  • Hi There. Well I was eventually so bad I told my doctor I wanted to die. That was about 2 months ago. She went through all my tablets I was on and decided that it was the cipralex making me have that sensation (anti-depressant). So I have been very slowly weaning off the tablet, from 15mgs now down to 10mgs, now I am doing 5mgs one day and 10mgs one day for a month and then completely down to 5mgs. and guess what.. lets just Pray it stays this way, but the swaying is kindof gone, not that severe anymore and only happens when I am laying down now. I am still off balance a bit but the swaying is nearly gone.

  • I wonder if I am getting side effects from celexa. I did decrease from 40 to 30 and I do feel somewhat better but still dizzy but at this point I rather just be dizzy then anxious at all times, Maybe in the future I may decrease or get off celexa but for now I will explore other options first and try to live with the dizziness since some days are better than others,

  • Guys..

    I came across a post on facebook " herbs and natural remedies " which shows anxiety can contributes to the lack of vitamins. I was once told by my gp about this in the past now that the post shows something like this I'm very much sure that its lack of something in our body.

  • On facebook*

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