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Advice for getting through a tough day?


What do you tell yourselves on very anxious days? I am on Mirtzapine which makes me dizzy and seeing a counselor. Crying several times a day and feel somewhat hopeless. How do you all cope with these days?

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I tend to say to myself it will past and things will get better.

I then go and try to do things be it tidying out a cupboard, reading or going out for a walk. If I feel so anxious I tend to take a kalms and retreat to my bed for an hour or so and give myself a break from the world and pressures.

Gardener x

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thank you. What is kalms?

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They are herbal tablets I get from chemist. They seem to work for me.

Hi and welcome:)

I use mindfulness.

There is a very good website/app called " Headspace"

I do this every morning when I wake up.

I have used Kalms when things get very bad just to take the edge off. Xxx

thank you!

I would not call myself religious but there is a pastor called Joel Osteen his service is broadcast on CNBC early Sunday I often find these a great source of inspiration last weeks service talked about having hope saying to God thank you I know that this day you will help me achieve what I need- he talked about a man trying to break a large boulder, every day he went out with a large hammer & hit it with all his force a year later it did not break 6 more months he went outside thinking "this is the day" then finally one day it broke into 1000 pieces this was not because he was suddenly stronger but every day this problem grew weaker the boulder had developed little cracks until it broke he compared this to someone with depression (me) every day give thanks that you are getting better, stronger & one day it will be defeated just like that boulder, Joel has a great talent for getting his message across ------I find him a source of strength these past couple of days I have followed Joel's advice & people have noticed the change in me already

I hope this may help you there are recordings of Joel available on sites like You tube

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I really like joel osteen's sermons. I am a Unitarian so don't subscribe to all his beliefs but enjoy watching him talk. He is very entertaining and comforting and makes me feel better about myself! Xx


Thank you!


it depends whether you're at home or at work...

I am not working so when I have a bad day I take some Propranolol tablets and go for a walk or I force myself to clean my flat. Dont just sit and ruminate, there is nothing worse than that when you feel anxious. I know it is not easy but we have to try eh? Find a good book about overcoming anxiety or go on you tube and look for some breathing exercises ! take care!

Have you found any really helpful books on overcoming anxiety?

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