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Haven't blogged for a few days


Morning everyone, it's another lovely bright spring day :)

Nothing much to report with me. I have decided to stop measuring my days as good days or bad days, instead accepting that there will be good and bad aspects to most days.

I am reading a book about how to meditate and enjoying it for 2 reasons, firstly I do want to mediate properly and secondly that my mind is relaxed enough to read a book. That hasn't happened for a while.

I have realised I have put a lot of pressure on my body over the last year, physically and mentally so now I am taking time out to let nature restore and repair.

Wishing you all well xxx

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Hi Tara, no sun here, can you send some my way! I think that's a good way of thinking about life, no day will be totally good or totally bad. I think it's sometimes just the little things can overwhelm us when our minds are a little tired or we are feeling anxious. My mantra for today is 'accentuate the positive'!

And take that time out, we all need to think about ourselves once in a while!

I think we should all be a little bit kinder to ourselves and sometimes put ourselves first! Easier said than done!

Hope you have a good weekend x

Your blogs and replies always seem to have a very calm and positive feel to them. I wish I could see the world more as you do. I've been realising recently that I should bin my cynical and slightly sarcastic tinted glasses for ones that are more rosy like yours. They'd sure be purtier.

Since I read your blog about 100 days of loving kindness I have been considering meditation. I actually meditated using an mp3 link on that site on Tuesday when I was feeling really panicked and it seemed to help. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what book is it that you're reading? :) x

Thank you Soosh for your kind words. I am glad my blogs are mostly positive, but I have to admit I have bad days too. Admittedly they are a lot more controlled and I know sometimes I just have to ride the storm and wait from calmer waters.

I felt exhausted yesterday and realised I had been overdoing things physically again, so sleep was the only answer. I am reading Teach Yourself to Mediate by Eric Harrison. It's pretty basic stuff but makes sense. I have to dash of to work, but I will message you later :) x

Have a lovely day

Soosh in reply to Tara67

You're welcome Tara. :) It's a good attitude to have.

I know exactly what you mean, but sometimes it's hard to ride out the storm calmly even knowing it can't last forever. It's one thing I've been trying to do recently. Instead of quashing feelings of anxiety or just putting up with them, I've been inviting them in and accepting them hoping to get to the calm at the eye of the hurricane (I sense a weather metaphor theme here :) ). I'm getting more exhausted than ever and not much sleep, but I've only just started doing things this way and I'm not sure if taking a break from it now would be detrimental or not. I think I need to find a good balance.

Thanks! I'll go have a look for that on Amazon now. :)

I hope you're feeling better today and that you got a decent 8 hours if you're having to work today. Don't let them work you too hard! x

Have a lovely day too! Take advantage of this sunny weather if you can. I'm going to try another walk of passive panic I think and maybe meditate after.

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