How do you get through your day?

We are all suffering in different ways, some of us are going through the darkest days of anxiety and depression, some of us are seeing light at the end of a never ending tunnel, but we will all do something to get us through our days. Do you have any routines you carry out through your day? Any small things that bring you a small amount of joy to make you think 'today wasn't so bad'? Or do you just plough your way through and think 'another day done, on to tomorrow'?



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  • Hi Mandy

    I have done all you mention

    Routine is something I like & can get very upset & find it hard to handle if I am taken out of it ...infact that is a major problem

    I get joy through my (adult ) children , they are my biggest joy or just someone saying something nice to me or thinking about me gives me lots of joy ...espeacially if i am feeling down

    At the moment though if I am honest , i am feeling my health is causing me problems , so i am just as you say ploughing myself through another day , which I dont like , but about all I can manage at the moment

    So yes I do them all , depending how I am feeling

    Good question to ask though , hope we get some other answers & ideas what others do




  • Hi whywhy.

    I hope you are feeling OK. You still sound very positive even if you aren't feeling too well :)

    I understand what you mean when you talk about being knocked from your routine. That happened to me this morning. We ran out of dog food and I had to cook him some pasta which overtook my 'coffee & chill time'. Completely knocked me for six! Lol.


  • Thanks Mandy , maybe i sound more positive than I feel lol

    I no , what you are saying though , I need my routine & the slightest thing can send me in a flap lol wish I could be a bit more chilled with it as I am sure it adds to anxiety at time ;)


  • Hi Mandy

    I have spent a few months dealing with anxiety and deep depression and am now finally getting more positive lighter days. I have always set myself small goals and built up gradually. I go out for a walk or do yoga. I have always been a positive person so I found being in a dark place hard to swallow and was really hard on myself. I am learning to make time for me (I have small children) so I have a bubble bath or take myself away and write in my diary. I found writing down how I was feeling gave me some relief from my anxiety. I am so glad I found this site too as hearing from others is really comforting take care xx

  • Hi Eve, I can relate to the bubble bath :) there's nothing makes me relax like a nice Radox filled or Lush bath bomb bath. I also started Yoga too and was amazed at how physically exerting it is! It's nice to feel as though I am getting some exerise though. xx

  • Hi i am back after my 10 year old daughter took my laptop to her nans to help her do her homework so couldnt blog last night hope everyone is ok and was thinking the same where is trip we are missing you hun please blog us to let us know you ok we need you xxxxxxx

  • It's hard, isn't it? I just kind of plod though. 5 days a week I feel fine. Then suddenly bang! I feel awful. I am not one for routine (my work isnt routine, so that kind of rules most of the day out). On the days when I am bad I just do anything to keep my mind of it. The worst thing for me is things like baths (as all you do is think). The itchy feeling it gives me everyday was the worst feeling, but benadryl seems to have got rid of that, that was seriously driving me crazy. I just find keeping busy, be it at work, or watching films, listening to music, anything that isnt me just sat there feeling every ache and pain and thinking the worst. Half the time I feel heartbroken, but am far from it. Horrid feeling.

  • Hi Iceberg. When I was having really hard days I can relate to what you are saying. As soon as i felt a niggle or anything I would read and make sure I read every little detail so as not to concentrate on what I was feeling. I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night feeling terrible and would grab my phone and read the most stupid website I could find! It really is a strange thing to live with. x

  • hi i like routine and lists but just dont seem to be able to kleep to them find myself flitting from one thing to another .

    Hate it when i do have plans etc and they are changed that will throw me for the rest of the day .

    Unlike Iceberg i enjoy a bath and cant sit through a whole film .

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