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Tips to getting through a workday with anxiety?!


I’ve had anxiety for years, but over the last 1.5 months everything has been in overdrive!! I can barely get through an 8 hour and it’s not feasible for me to not work. Everyday at work (sometimes all day) I get dizzy, lightheaded, numbness/tingling/weakness in random locations, unable to concentrate. It’s becoming so difficult and exhausting to get through the day. Anybody else struggling with this?!? Any suggestions?!

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Just try to remember this too shall pass. I get like that and it has subsided. Mine came from extreme stress. It's just about trying to learn how your thoughts cause symptoms for me it's getting in my head with fear. These symptoms that come on ARE NOT what defines us. Just keep moving on !

Every day at work is a challenge for me. I get dizzy, lightheaded, hot flashes, cold flashes, derealization and then I think I'm going to pass out in front of my coworkers. I don't think any of them have noticed it though and nothing's ever happened to me, no matter how bad the feelings were.

I still find it so crazy that anxiety can make us feel so awful, scared and physically ill with no perceivable symptoms to others. My symptoms have been so strong physically (which it sounds like yours are also!) that I’ve been to so many specialists and had so many tests—all negative! I feel so physically ill at work that I’m sure I’m going to fall/ pass out/ throw up... but I have yet to do so and nobody seems to notice unless I tell them 😐

Yes, I have strooong physical symptoms! It seriously is the worst. I've had every test done too... one thing that does kind of help me (when it's not too bad) is to try to think only positive thoughts. Just say positive things to yourself in your head like "I'm going to be home soon" "I'm going to enjoy myself at work today" You can really kind of "re-train" your brain that way

Your nerves are tricking you, Becca, they are very good at doing that. But you won't pass out or collapse or throw up no matter how dizzy, weak or light headed you feel. No matter what games your nervous system decide to play it won't stop you carrying on and working.

Maybe you've been through a period of stress, over-work, worry or disappointment and what's happened is that your nerves have become ultra sensitive. That's why you get these bad feelings. And when you do get them you probably feel fear and that releases fear hormones that continue to keep your nerves in that ultra sensitive state.

What I would suggest is that you practice accepting these bad feelings for the moment as calmly as you can and with the least amount of fear. After all, you know this isn't some serious physical illness, it's just your nerves going on the blink, you won't feel like this forever.

If you can learn to accept the uncomfortable feelings and still carry on with your work you'll be able to do your job whether you're having a good or a bad day.

Once you've proved to yourself you can do that, get on with your job either way, then you have truly learned Acceptance and you will no longer produce all that fear that your sensitive nerves thrive on. This gives them a chance to recover and when you reach that stage all the symptoms of dizziness and light-headedness will disperse.

Accept the bad feelings and eventually you will recover in full and all will be well and you will regain your quiet mind. So when you're at work and the feelings come just take a deep breath and carry on and remember the power that Acceptance has to banish your anxiety.

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What a great answer Jeff1943

Excellent advice.

I agree 100% with Jeff1943

Also, focus on all the days that you have overcome. You are already a winner and survivor. All you have to do now is believe in yourself, remember what you already have overcome.

You can write down all the days than you have won against anxiety. That must and will give you courage.

Yes been there and still going through it. Are you on meds for anxiety have you seen a counsellor and have you tried mindfullness?

No, caffeine, no alcohol. You NEED to go to the gym, take cold showers in the mornings or before going to sleep. Go to sleep early and in my opinion the MOST important do meditation! It is a fact that meditation literally reshapes your brain and create new connections, very powerful. With meditation only, you can eliminate anxiety.

I still get anxious sometimes but the episodes won't last longer than 10 minutes. Good luck!

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