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Getting the better of me

So my anxiety decided to hit me full force today! Palpitations, chest pains, headache, yuck! I really want to get my normal life back!!! These fears are terrible... Fear of food, going out, everything! My heart fear is the worst I hear every beat, so annoying! I just find when I visit the dr the first words out of his mouth before an examination is "it's your anxiety disorder" and I feel like such a fool for wasting his time! Anxiety is a silent illness that people can't see so they just assume I'm ignorant. Can't wait to go to mental health next week and hopefully get some help to cope with it. I'm only 32 and feel trapped!

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When your doctor says"its your anxiety disorder" say yes and I,m told a good doctor like you will be able to explore all avenues so that I can get better and won,t have to see you again! when do we start?

Reverse Physicology?

Lol ^^ I shall try that next time I go in stde, I read from your profile you have suffered from this for many years, what has got you through the bad times with anxiety?

That's a cracker stde lol xxxx

I am just getting over a very bad fornight of fears about everything and lack of sleep. I did have a cold virus which seemed to set all my anxieties off. Next Monday I am off to see a hypnotherapist as I believe that my fears are deep rooted to my childhood because I was an asthmatic. Long before the present day ventalins were around. I could recommend that you try and find a meditation group to join. I will let you know if the hypnotherapy helps.

You have all my sympathy though. Take care.

i know how you feel, anxiety attacks and such are really a stressful experience, but you're not alone on it, i'm a teen and i can't even go out with friends so i just have to watch every other teen my age have a happy fun life while i sit inside fearing the impending doom, i feel alone on it but knowing there are others with anxiety makes me feel like i'm not alone at all, theres friends, family, community who care :D

Oh man you are right on the money. My anxiety is so bad, it got me monitoring my hearts every move. I think that a lot of my anxiety stems from anticipating another palpitations because sometimes mine are really scary. It has caused to eat very healthy and leave alone fast food and foods with hydrogenated oils, trans fats. I incorporated a lot of heart healthy foods in my diet. So I am with you in your trials!

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