Is it actually worth it and will it ever get better?

I'm so fed up I literally can't cope anymore I try my best to be strong and live a normal life, I go to therapy I have tried medications but nothing is working for me, I just want a break for all of this anxiety I constantly feel like I'm suffocating or choking and it's so frightening and exhausting I spend most of the time trying to keep it together but after nearly 3 years of living like this nearly every minute of every day and no sign of it getting any easier just makes me wonder is it actually worth it anymore? I feel helpless, I face my fears everything I'm uncomfortable with I go and do but there's still no escaping! My boyfriend is leaving me on the 19th for 4 and a half months to go to Oman with the raf and I'd like to go and see him but I'm to poorly with this anxiety or panic disorder what ever tf it is sorry for the language I'm just so frustrated.


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  • Hi - I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling so anxious and exhausted. I myself have been dealing with horrible anxiety since I was in the fourth grade. I am now 22. I admit it was up and down. I have been on countless medicines too and have completed therapy. I have had a reoccurrence of anxiety about 7 months ago and it has been miserable. I completely relate with the exhausted feeling of if I will ever get better. I pray that we both do. We are not alone.

  • It's awful isn't it the worst thing about it is the fact i feel like I'm struggling to breathe nearly every minute of everyday there's probably a few hours in between where it disappears but it's more often than not, I've had this every single day for 3 years nearly, what are your symptoms like did anything trigger it?

  • It is completely awful I agree. I do struggle with the breathing thing from time to time. It's a horrible feeling. Have you tried deep breathing apps? Also you should try drinking "natural calm" about an hour before bed each night and really anytime you're anxious throughout the day. You can buy it at GNC or online. My symptoms are hard time breathing, derealization/depersonalization feelings, racing thoughts, avoiding situations that make anxious and probably many moRe

  • Also exercise is a huge help

  • I've never tried that but I'm give it go I'll try anything to help thank u, I don't just have the breathing problems that's just unfortunoly my main symptoms and I think it's triggered from noticing it but I'm not even aware im doin it, I feel very detached I get light headed, chest pains, feelings of being trapped, really bad depression from it, is ur depression related to this mainly or is it's other atuff causing it ? U shouldn't avoid things because it just makes it worse in the long run, as hard as it is u need to try and push urself to go out and do the things u feel abit uncortabable doing, I have tried the apps but don't get much luck from them as it's hard to use when I'm out and about or with my boyfriend but I will continue

  • I have all of those symptoms too. My depression will stem from the problems I have with anxiety

  • Yes mine to I feel like I'll never get better not even the doctors can help me, there now sending me t a breathing specialist

  • I hope the breathing specialist can help you! Just know you are not alone

  • Anxiety is horrible and it can and does get a hold of you as you have described. From the sound of it you are not working. Do you have any interests? I am concerned once your boyfriend goes back in the RAF you will get worse. This is not easy to conquer but you can do it. Firstly do deep relaxation choose a tape that you can listen to which takes you away from everything. Try to get outside, weather permitting and do brisk walking you will be amazed how good it makes you feel. Also get tested to see if you are vitamin D deficient as this affects your mood, if you stay indoors a lot you may well be deficient. Go to your doctor and tell them your symptoms, there are many drugs to treat anxiety. I hope I have helped you, try not to let this constant anxiety ruin your life, get medical help πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

  • I recently lost my job and I'm in the process of setting up my own business now but it's so difficult I push myself to go out to go for walks go to the gym but none of it makes me feel any better unfortunately, i still feel like I'm struggling to breathe for nost of my day and it's so miserable and exhausting I literally haven't had a break from it for nearly 3 years now, I've tried everything I can think off 😞 I fear I'm stuck like this. I've tried every approach negative positive tried to ignore it tried to invite but nothing

  • Please DO NOT give up, there will be something out there for you. Sounds as though you may be clinically depressed, have you had a diagnosis of any kind? I am here to listen and help as much as I canπŸ€—πŸ€— suggest you pester the GP, please know we care, much love Helen xxxxx

  • I'm really trying my best not to but the only way to describe it is torture i have had no quality of life because of my symptoms for the past 3 years, I'm very strong I try my best to get on with it but I'm struggling to cope I would prefer to sleep so i don't have to struggle and that's so sad because I could have an amazing life like I used to but I feel so helpless, I'm going to go back to my go on Wednesday as I'm on a course today and tomorrow, I was diagnosed with ptsd and severe panic disorder, have u had anxiety? Or have it thanks for being so supportive really greatful xxxxxxxxx

  • Yes I have anxiety, I take Pregablin for it, I am worse as a passenger in a car, and travelling 😊😊 I am not sure what PTSD is? Now you tell me that you used to be ok, that is good because something triggered you being ill. Are you able to think back as to what might have caused you to be so ill. I was diagnosed with bi polar over 20 years ago, I know why I was so ill, it was due to having an abscess and not sleeping with the pain for over 3 weeks, it was the most frightening time in my life, I was in hospital over 6 weeks, when I got out I was totally drained. Because I am strong, I managed to get back on track, I could not stand too much pressure but I had a government job. I am confident you will get better, you are on a course at the moment which needs your concentration, I am sure you will get the better of this like I did. Sadly my youngest son has bi polar, it has taken me nearly two years and 4 private pyschiastrist visits to convince him he needs professional help. We all need others around us to encourage and helpπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ€—. Message me anytime I will continue to support you 😘😘 Helen

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