Anxiety making me feel ill

I'm a single mom to a special needs child and I'm constantly under stress and sufffer from anxiety. I'm freaked out because I keep getting weird head sensations especially at night which causes me to panic. I just feel weird in general. Shakey, headaches , weak legs, the muscles in my head, face and neck keep feeling tight, nauseous....could this all be due to stress and anxiety?? I started Paxil three weeks ago and I swear it's making my anxiety worse 😭


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  • Certainly it could all be explained by anxiety - such a lot a different symptoms. Are you able to get any help from a friend or relative for a while?

  • No, I have no help. The only break I get is when he's in school, but it's summer break right now. So I won't get any relief till September 5th

  • So maybe that's why you're more unwell.

    What about your mother or friends or holiday clubs? Is there some way of getting a break?

  • I only have my mom but she works daily full time. I don't have friends anymore. He was in summer school but that ended at the end of July, so I'm kinda stuck for the month of August

  • Speak to your doctor about the paxil. Would any organisation give you verbal or physical support eg a rest from your child so you could reccoperate?

    Emotional support may be a better wording.

  • I know there's something called respite care that will watch a special needs child and give the parents some relief for a few hours. I've never looked into it but I'm going to now

  • Please do. There is also a phone line Carers Support I believe and maybe a website or look up the specific need eg autism look up the autistic society on the web, call them, get support. Love to know how you get on.

  • I will, I can't keep living this way and feeling ill everyday

  • So how about working on relaxation techniques ; mindfulness meditation

    Try it before going to sleep tonight

  • I'll definitely try that, thank you!

  • good. And then start writing down 3 positives each day. You're going to become an expert at managing this

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