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Anxiety or something serious?


I’m 16 years old, I’ve had anxiety for at least 3 years.. about 14 weeks ago I had a pregnancy scare which really did set me off.. I took tests and seen I wasn’t but it was still stuck in my head that I was. After I accepted the fact that there’s no possible way I could be and had my period, I started to have stomach ache and just felt low and run down. I’ve had a lot going on and really stressful worrying times, a couple of weeks ago I had a pain on my side I told myself it was appendix’s and I researched online and I was reading that if I didn’t get to A&E It would burst and it’s a life threatening issue, so I had a complete melt down and started to have a panic attack i explained to my mam the pain and she said I was fine, so I went to bed with a lot of worry, only being 16 I don’t know what to expect and have a really bad fear of death.. so I booked an emergency appointment with the doctor and they looked at it but it was nothing soons I left there it went it was like my head was telling me it was there, the day after that I started having chest pain and short of breath, so I got worried thinking I was having a heart attack or there was something wrong with me, and during all of this I felt generally unwell. I went to the doctors about the chest pain and had a ECG, it was normal and they said I was having these due to stress and anxiety. And hey sent me to have bloods done, still waiting for them to come back. Since then I’ve not had chest pain and breathlessness I’ve just had pains and aches in the body and felt unwell, dizzy, nauseous, headaches, stomach aches and I’ve been looking symptoms online and they’re all saying about cancer and life threatening diseases and I’m really scared and my anxiety is really hitting me over edge. It’s stopped me going to school, going out, seeing family and friends and it’s really pulling me down, can anxiety in teens really make you feel this ill and low?

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Hi Prone_toit, Unfortunately, anxiety can hit people of all ages, man or woman. It's always sad when I hear of young people like yourself having anxiety symptoms. My best advice is to stay off the internet in looking up symptoms. They will always lead to the worse case scenario. It is a generalized diagnosis that doesn't consider anxiety as a part of the problem.

Now that you found this forum, it would be safer and more productive to hear from others who like yourself are going through the same issues. I'm sure the pregnancy scare multiplied your already anxious thoughts but somehow it seems like 3 years ago something else brought on anxiety. Once you get that addressed, you will tend to see the anxiety level go down as well as the symptoms that accompany it.

We are here because we care. Anytime you need a friend please come to the forum. xx

Im sorry you are going through so much at an age that you should be enjoying life being a teenager. I do know everything that you are experiencing can come from anxiety, so they say. I am 35 and am experiencing everything you just mentioned even down to fear of death. The muscle aches, stomach aches, upset stomach, unbalanced, headaches, head feeling warm, feeling hot, flu like symptoms. And i tend to go on google which is the ultimate no no and then i convince myself of cancer or every illness thats fatal. (Why tho? Smh). But you are not alone. I wish better days for you. I have a daughter thats 17 so i truly would be an emotional wreck if she had to endure what you and I are going through.

thankyou for giving your side of it, absolutely horrible feeling ain’t it.. the worst thing I could have done while waiting for my blood test results is google the things that I’ve been having seeing as it’s made it worst for me, to hear that there could be something like that wrong with me.. when it comes to collecting the results I will probably be a wreck.. and yes I’ve had the flu like symptoms the cough and cold-like voice and a bit of a stuffy nose.. thankyou so much

Hi prone what an awful time you are having ,just not fair.but listen you are suffering health anxiety and it's an illness.all the physical symptoms and racing thoughts are so a nurse very old compared to you and my whole working life 35years in nursing has been great but also sad ,and know I've ill health I can't pull myself together my god I try but I'm a mess mentally.i have found acceptance is the key and I just let it come and go my heart is racing and head banging pins and needles the lot ,but I can't change have had a shock and lots of worry and stress to cope with but you will get better and we are all here for you.keep strong big hugs 🤗 bev xx

Hi bev, thankyou for your reply.. I’m really worried.. I can’t sleep, I’m really scared it’s serious.. I’ve looked up health anxiety and it sounds like the symptoms and what I’m suffering with but then I always go back to the symptoms of the worst things.. I really hope you will feel better soon and be as happy as you deserve to be😔 it’s a horrible horrible thing.. thankyou once again xx

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