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Morning everyone!

I am not happy with my Dad. Me and my Mum have got his head cold, both of us feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I am also drinking Lemslip and taking pain killers to help keep the rest of the cold away. I am going to London and nothing will stop me! I did tell my Dad off mind you lol. Today is planning for London weekend, I am NOT going to let this cold or feeling like rubbish mess my weekend up. I also know once I am home, the Xmas tree will be up and the home will feel all Xmasy lol.

I do hope no one on here gets this cold, it's horrible!

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Poor you.... why do these things happen when you have plans???

Don't let it ruin your trip. Keep taking the panadol and lemsip and enjoy London, my home town. Love Julie xx


I do wish Lemslip had a nicer taste to it lol. I am going to enjoy my weekend and maybe take some deep breaths when the dizzy/lightheaded moments happen. Stupid head cold


Hi Cardiff.

As soon as you hit London you will forget about your head cold and start to enjoy yourself. I hope you have a lovely time.




Hope you have a lovely weekend, hopefully the fresh air will blow away your cold

Jules x


Hi Cardiffgirl80

hope you have a great weekend , but be careful taking lemsip and painkillers together . lemsip contains paracetamol , so don't take anything else with paracetamol in it . I don't want to worry you but also wouldn't like you to take too much paracetamol and end up with problems .x


Hello :) I am on a MegaBus right now. I am half way to London, I am feeling sort of better but still blah. Wrapped up warm and looking forward to London


Look into Vitamin D Deficiency


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