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Not feeling too brill today. I feel a bit dizzy today and I have a very stiff neck.

I think I know why though. My Dad is coming over and he is bringing my mum. Mum died last May and was cremated. My sister has had her since the cremation and I've not seen the box. So I think I'm building up to a lot of emotion.

I hope everyone is feeling positive today and giving themselves some me time. Xxxx

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my mum passed oct 2011 so i truly feel for you....just know your mum isn't suffering or in pain any more. if theres any luck we might see them again one day.


Hi Winter,

Sorry to hear about yor mum, lost mine too long time ago, what I still do now iis imagine things she would be saying or just remember good times we all had :)



thats a good thing to do- sorry about your mum


Hiya Winter,

you will be fine, im sure hun. it will be emotional but just go with it.

My daughter (26) lost her dad in march aged 52. he was cremated and she has his ashes with pictures of him around the urn. she talks to him everyday which i think helps her.

ill be thinking of you xxx


I feel for you winter with this one , I can relate to it. remember the good times winter if you can, I am sure there was loads. Hopefully the dizziness and stiff neck will go later on and you will have a good rest of the day.





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