Morning Anxiey/Panic

I wake up every morning instantly with a queasy stomach, hot rushes and anxious and sometimes panicky. So scarey to start the day this way. And if I fall back to sleep I wake up the same way. I hate when my husband leaves for work since I am home alone and so frightened by this early morning feeling. It's just not normal. I dont know how I am going to get through the day sometimes. Coukd ir be so etching physical? I am on Lexapro .5 for two weeks but don't think I see any improvement and don't know if the medication is making me worse. I also take xanax .5 several times a day but always feel on edge when the morning begins this way. What do others do of this awful morning anxiety?


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  • I don't know much about medication as I do not take it.

    I suffer with anxiety in the morning. I'm constantly on edge, upset tummy and feeling sick. I just push myself to get dressed and carry on with the day. The worse thing to do is to just sit around and do nothing. I've done this in the past and it's the worst.

    I hope you find ways to cope :)

  • Some days it is harder than others when I feel shakey and have a queasy stomach. It frightens me to always start the day that way. Some days it gets better with medication and some days my body just needs to relax. Hard for me to go out on those bad days since I have to drive myself and worry about passing out if I drive...just very hard as I know many others feel the same way. I used to try to do that when I was working and it was tough. I am recently retired and should be enjoying my time but I was even anxious on vacation. I wish I had answers. Thanks for replying :)

  • Hi Mommadee, I have been going through morning anxiety for years, every single day. Oh not as bad as it use to be but not gone either. It's been the hardest thing to get rid of. x

  • Why don't you take up some new hobbies? :) If you have the time that is. Nothing better than taking your mind of something by doing an activity you love.

  • Try drinking warm watet with squeezed lemon heard its a good way to start your day

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