Hi Everyone

Sorry i have not been online for sometime as i was being phased back into work and have felt drained. Been trying to focus and take one day at a time.

I have finally managed to go back work full time. Although its not a walk in the park lol everyday is a challenge but i refuse to let the demon ruin and destroy my life.

I still wake up anxious especially about the journey etc but i am coping better than i thought. My collegues have been brilliant trying to help understand and making exceptions for different tasks....like my class went to Colchester Zoo yesterday but i was unable to travel as the journey was long and i knew my limitations.

But still having problems riding the dreaded bus and rather getting myself into a panic i get a taxi in and friends drop me home at night although i have managed to risk getting the bus home on occasions.

I hope everyone is doing well and i just want to say there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I am not totally free of panic and anxiety but i am riding the waves.

Big hugs to all

Love Seyi xxx


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13 Replies

  • Seyi

    How lovely to hear from you , I have been wondering how you have been getting on

    This is really good news , I am so pleased for you

    I remember your 1st blog & you should feel so proud because you have come such a long way , in quite a short time at that

    Don't be tough on yourself over that journey , look at the other things you have achieved

    Thank you for letting us no how you are going on

    I hope when you have time you will keep giving us an update , as positives like yours are such a help to others that may feel this will never get better

    Take Care

    Hugs back




  • Whywhy

    How lovely to see your name pop up put a big :) on my face.

    How have you been keeping i hope things are improving for you.

    I am trying to keep afloat and take the good days and bad and fully appreciate panic attacks and anxiety do not leave completely just learn how to deal with it.

    I am reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so happy to see you as the last time i felt :( when reading you were leaving as although i have never seen you i class you and many more people here good friends with encouraging advice. Which I am sure has helped me no end.

    Take care and yes i will keep in touch

    Love Seyi xxx

  • {{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  • Bless You big hugs back xxxxx

  • great to see you back seyi! :)


  • Thank you Sandra hope all is going well for you


    Love Seyi xxx

  • Hey Seyi good to hear from you and it's great to hear that thing are looking up for you. Like whywhy said hopefully you can keep us all updated when you have a bit of spare time :)

  • Hi Willrich Thank goodness things are looking up for me but i still have to focus on the good days being some sort of recovery to the bad. I hope you are keeping well talk soon


    Love Seyi xxx

  • Well done. Sounds like you are making progress!

  • Hi GrayEm

    I am making progress but taking each day as it comes. Thank You.

    I still have good and bad days but thank goodness the good days are more frequent now.

    Hope you are keeping well take care


    Love Seyi xxx

  • I am almost back working full time and still find it quite tough on some days. Sometimes the adrenaline and anxiety just builds up and up. Sometimes I feel I am not making headway at all. I guess I must be though. Take care

  • Hi seyi

    You have come a long way be proud x I'm phasing back to work at the moment and its draining. It's lovely to hear from you and knowing your limits is key. Take it steady and make time for yourself on your non working days x love eve x

  • Hi Eve39

    How you been keeping? I know being phased back into work can be draining but i am back full time now. It has not been easy but i am trying to be persistant in my thoughts and managing my feelings.

    I only have 3 weeks or more in school so its not bad really then off for 6 weeks yipeeee.;0

    how have you been coping? I have realized in life unfortunately we cannot help the world which i was trying to do and burnt myself out.

    I wish you all the very best and my thoughts and prayers are with you trying to get back on track.

    Thanks for the reply i appreciate the thought talk soon.

    Big hugs

    Love Seyi xxx

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