rough as 'ol boots and could do with some help

hi all, woke this morning after a bad night sweating and freaking out. Couldn't bring myself to do anything and have been completely paralyzed. Managed to email work to say i wasn't able to come in and couldn't bring myself talk to them until late this afternoon. When this happens I can't think logically, rationally, realistically and can hardly think of what my issues are. I've put off going to the doctor because i feel so intimidated but have an appointment tomorrow. My issues have always seemed to be depression over the last 20 years but as time goes by it is most definitely long periods of anxiety that get me to that dark place. I don't feel depressed at this time but I can see the anxiety much clearer than before. I have spent years trying to deal with depression/anxiety in a natural way - sleep patterns, baths, breathing, exercising - all those kind of tips but mostly I can say it just doesn't cut the mustard. I don't want to go back on antidepressants as I gain a massive amount of weight that detrimentally impacts on my self esteem and fuels a nasty depressive/anxious circle. Do any of you have any anti anxiety medications you could recommend so that I can go 'armed' to the doctor with? Thank you for reading this it's a great website to be able to check in with others that understand what I'm going through.


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  • Hey there

    Like you I've been suffering with depression an anxiety for about 20 odd years. This time round my anxiety has just appeared out of the blue 7months ago, not experienced it quite so bad! I'm convinced I'm entering the menopause !!! I use to take meds but like you, I put weight on. I've lost some weight now and determine to sort this out . I actually go down the" Mindfulness" route . I use an app called Head Space, it is very helpful. I'm taking women's health multi vitamin (wellwoman). I ve taken Kalms just to take the edge off which helped a lot. I use a lavender room spray in my bedroom at night which helps me sleep. I go out with the dogs for exercise . I know it's hard Hun and I hope I've helped some what :) I use to have a routine.. But I've changed it up abit and it's helped. Good luck xx

  • Hi there, thank you for your reply. you've pointed out routine which has actually broken down recently as I haven't been able to pay attention to it like taking multivitamins, jogging, lavender and indeed Kalms ran out and I haven't replaced it. When I have a cooler head I will look at reestablishing this asap. As stated to Ker's reply thank you for taking the time to look at my post and reply - It feels good to be able to talk to someone who knows. x

  • Hi there

    Sorry youre struggling too..... I too have suffered with anxiety leading to depression for about 20 years, but Ive always been a worrier, even as a kid. When I first went on anti-dep 8 years ago, I said to my gp, I don't feel depressed, its more anxiety , but he told me anxiety is part of depression, but I knew I wasn't depressed and that it was anxiety.

    Anyway my recent bout due to life events, again went to gp, but this time cos I was so bad I had to see a phsychiatric nurse prescriber for an assessment, he went into my childhood and did quite an indepth assessment, and hey presto, said I think its acute anxiety stemming from childhood...... Anyway the long and short of it is, he has prescribed pregablin which is used for general anxiety disorder, which can be taken long term and is well tolerated. Unlike diazepam and the likes which are a short term thing!!

    I hope this may help in some way!!

    I have been on the pregablin for 2 weeks now and certainly feel like Im coping with the anxiety as I wasn't and was housebound and paralised with it...... my gp initially gave me buspirone which helped but can only be taken short term, ie weeks....... the new tablets can be taken long term ie years if need be!!

    Let us know how you get on

    Ker xx

  • Hi there, thanks for your reply. I've been looking at anti-anxiety meds since reading your reply. Thanks for your direction. It's hard to see through any of your suggestions just at the minute but I think I will see them with a fresh mind tomorrow hopefully. Thank you for your support even though you don't know me x

  • No probs, good luck with it, it can be daunting but perhaps you could write down what you want to say as sometimes when you get in there, you forget!!

    Let us know how you get on

    ;-) xx

  • That's just what I've done this evening. I've gone through all the meds and written pro's and cons for them all so I can go in there informed. Hopefully this will make it feel less intimidating and remember to say what I need to say. will let you know

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