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Could do with some advice!


Hi guys I'm after a bit if advice, I suffer really bad with panic attacks and anxiety which seems as though it's slowly bringing depression on, I haven't been out of my house properly since about July last year, i try go on little walks but don't get very far from my house, I don't take any medication as I can't see how taking a tablet is going to stop all this, like stopping me from constantly controlling my breathing, as in over controlling it, I can never just relax, I get worse around people. From the moment I wake up it starts, I'm currently working from home but I'm finding that really hard as I've had a couple panic attacks recently whilst I've been working, I've had about 10 days off work for the same reason one week of that was a doctors note, I'm now worried that I'm going to lose my job. What do you guys do to relax? I watch tv but that doesn't help. I've got my first session of cbt on the 14th may (over the phone as I can't get out) has anyone been in my situation and got better? Do you find medication helps you? Any advice would be good I've got 2 young children I really need to try anything

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I know how you feel. I wake up in the night panicking and have constant anxiety butterflies all day and night. I'm currently having home treatment every day cbt ect. I got this after going to my local hospital many times seeing the mental crises team. They could organise it for you if u let them know your not coping. It's helping me as I see somone every morning. It only started from last Monday and I'm not any better but fingers crossed x

I to refuse medication as I don't want to feel a tablet is the magic cure :)

I understand that but if I have to take tablets and they are going to make me feel better then I will as I have 2 very young children, I need to do anything possible for them and myself. I haven't been to my local hospital, I'm so scared that I'm going to have my children taken from me, the only people that know is my mum, brother, ex, exs mum and 2 friends I don't talk to anyone about it only on here as I feel people that are not going through it don't understand

I find quite useful with helping me to relax. There's an app for iPhone, not sure about other platforms, so it can be done away from the computer as well :-)


Hi BeautifulWreck.

It sounds like you are really going through it at the moment.I know you don't like taking medication,but there comes a time when we all need a little extra help.There are numerous drugs that will help but only your doctor can find out which one suits you,being unable to venture out is a spanner in the works but I am sure you could get a home visit.There are also websites you could have a look at:- headspace is one and mindfullness is another people on here say they are very helpful.If you find it difficult to talk to your doctor write it down and give them it to read it is really no good struggling along without help.I have been prescribed Fluoxetine which I have found very helpful,however there were some side effects at the beginning but I feel fine now.I hope you get help soon.

Take care Kennyxx

I had suffered with panic and anxiety for more than 35 years. I was always afraid to take any medications. Back then there wasnt very much other than Prozac. Finally when I was 56 years old right after my mom passed away I decided to take medication. I was very anxious about taking it. I found a doctor who worked with me and we started at a very very low dose. After 6 months I could not believe how I was feeling. I got a new life for the first time. It has been 10 years and I still cant believe how I am feeling. I beg you to take meds, with the right doctor you can start living life to the fullest! Good luck.

I want to add, I to had small children and I regret all I missed doing things with them. Till this day it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. Please don't let this happen to you. Keep us in touch.

Hi there. Sorry you are going through a rough time. There is nothing wrong with trying to go at it without medication, but at others have said you have to do what is best for you and at some point decide if what you have been trying is working. I try and stay active which has helped me especially since I too am on this journey without a daily regimein of meds. I run, Zumba, yoga, go on walk and meditate to try and keep moving forward. Also talking about it really helps me.

There is no magic thing that works for everyone, but small steps each day are helpful to getting back to doing the I enjoy. I hope you find what works for you and maybe for some useful ideas on this site.

Hi There I agree with petita... I had a problem accepting the fact that I needed to take meds and fought it for a long time..... But it got to the point where I was not functioning properly because of my anxiety.... Now I take a pill everyday and it has changed how I feel about coping with meds. best of luck steve

Hi there,

Check out the website Headspace.

I don't take meds myself but I do keep herbal meds in my cupboard if i need them. They are called Kalms.

Hope your CBT goes well:) x

Hi ive suffered anxiety and depression for several years now, medication isnt a miricle cure but it does help you to function. Ive taken both short term and long term meds and can say it is the best thing I did. It helps relieve most of the anxiety making it easier to manage on a day to day basis. As you have already said you have 2 young children and you want the best for them. Having a mum who is less anxious is the best thing you can do for them. If you decide to try medication it is a good idea to use other techniques as well healthy diet, exercise, talking therepiea and some relaxation and or meditation. Find out what works for you. With your difficulties with going out of the house I suffered exactly the same I overcame by going out every day and making myself walk at least ten steps further than the day before. I soon learnt that nothing was going to happen if I went further. Each time you go further however short the distance give yourself a pat on the back and see it as a really positive achievment. I now take a beta blocker to help control my anxiety and this works really well for me, I am able to cope if I do get anxious and my gp says that there is no reason why I cant take the beta blocker indefinately. Please go and see your gp, or get him to come and see you, getting treatment be it medication or talking therapies will only make you a better mum so be brave and phone the doctor. I do know how you are feeling having been there in the past, all I can say is that it does get better although it might not seem possible at the moment. Sending you a big hug, let us know how things go Helen xx

I completely understand. I went through this a few years ago and got over it. I am currently going through second bout of panic, anxiety and depression due to life experiences. I know it feels like you will never stop worrying and shaking and like you will never be happy again I feel like this. I am terrified of leaving family, and my job sucks and am scared of leaving even though it is making me worse and losing a good pay salary and losing the people I love, but I know from past experience that eventually this will get better. It is so frightening to feel so terrified of doing anything. I wish I could help more just try to take one day at a time, go for walks and try to relax and stop overthinking. I know this is not easy I am trying to do this too. Good luck and hugs.

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