Damn you social anxiety!

I have social anxiety. I feel anxious pretty much all of the time, I am not a total recluse and do go out and like to do things but I just get so nervous, I am almost 'afraid' of bumping into someone I know, it sounds so stupid, but I am not very good with conversation and my mind goes blank and I can't think of anything to say. I used to go out a lot but I would always have a few drinks before hand, even if i was just going out with a friend shopping or round someones house for a catch up. I don't see my friends any more as my social anxiety got worse and I did think about getting help, either seeing a doctor or looking into hypnotherapy but I worked myself up so much about doing it and got so nervous, I just couldn't do either. As silly as it sounds, with social anxiety it can feel like one of the hardest things in the world to do. I just wish I could be normal.


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  • Hi

    I no how you are feeling

    I have got in the habit of not going out & now I can hardly go any where

    Yet I am a chatty person & seem to attract people & even have strangers come & talk to me :-o

    I think my problem is I don't like been where I don't feel secure because of anxiety & my home us where I feel best

    Please , go & ask GP for help , I did , now I am waiting , but I no it needs to be done , & will be the best thing

    I do hope you can go & ask , we are missing out on so much

    Keep talking & everyone will support you

    Let us no how you go on




  • Thanks for your comment whywhy, its very comforting to know that I am not the only one who suffers from anxiety.

    I know I should seek help and talk to my doctor but I just know they will only prescribe me tablets to calm the anxiety that will in turn only end up making me feel completely numb on the inside.

    You sound like you are a bubbly person, I am sure you will get your confidence back in no time at all. I am glad you are getting help from your doctor and I will try to work up the courage to do the same.xx

  • That's what they wanted to do with me , but like you I don't want meds , I stood my ground & told them I wanted counselling

    Try & do the same

    Is there anyone you could take with you ?

    I hope you manage to get the treatment you want , you do have a right to it

    Good luck

    Keep talking on here & let us no how you go on


  • I don't have anyone, obviously I have my mum and my sister but we are not a close family and I can't talk to them, they wouldn't understand, I tried to talk to my mum about it a few years ago but she just brushed it off and said I was being silly. My bf doesn't really like to talk about feelings so I can't talk to him, he always changes the subject or walks off. Its hard and can be really lonely at times when you feel there isn't a person in the world that you can talk to or who understands you. Its hard for me to get help because I read that we are all the way we are for a reason, so I should know why I am like this and there must have been a specific point in my life where something happened to start my anxiety but I don't know why I am this way and cant pin point a reason for it.

    I do want to get help and know it is the right thing to do, to speak to a professional about it I just seem to find it so difficult and always make things into a bigger deal than what they actually are, things that most people wouldn't think twice about doing, I find really nerve racking.

    Thanks for your sincerity though.xx

  • Keep coming on the site & talking , people on here will listen & do understand

    Maybe with every one supporting you , you may feel at some stage you can go & ask for that help

    Some people do no where there anxiety started , others don't , it just happens , so don't think you have to no , because that's not how it always works

    Hope you can find the strength to get the support you need




  • I didn't want meds but I had no life I had a family that need me and my anxiety was making them worried so I said enough. I went to my dr's started anti d got my life back. Still didn't want to take anti d so after 9 mths came off it. lasted all of a month and the anxiety came bake suffered on for 2 maybe 3 years before going back on them again. I have gone to counselling I know it would have been impossible for me to go while my anxiety was so high but with the anti d I could go. I made the decision when I went back on the anti d that I would stay on them for the rest of my life. That's ok because now I have a life. I still get anxious I can't go on hols that is my biggest issues with my anxiety but hey I can live with that. I wasted a good 10 years of my life how I wish I had them back but once there gone there gone. Sorry I'm rambling. I just don't want to see anyone else do what I did. Take care and best wishes.

  • God I know exactly how you feel! Everyone thinks I am do confident, but bring in crowds of people or in an audience with the door shut terrifies me. I think I am going to try hypnotherapy. What can a GP do other than give you medication / antidepressants - but I suppose if that is what you need to cope, you have to!

    Keep positive...I'll try I've you do! Best wishes.

  • Thanks for your comment Ted I only just noticed this. Its nice to hear that other people have similar issues to mine and I am not the only one. I also want to try hypnotherapy, am going to look into it.xx

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