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Best medication for depression and anxiety

Hi everyone, I am going to have to finally break down and go on medication. I have tried the natural approach and tried a self-help approach and have had periods where I was doing okay, not 100% but okay but the anxiety and depression keep rearing its ugly head and I just can't deal with it anymore. The problem is I become very anxious just thinking about taking medication. I have taken all kinds of different medication in the past. Lamictal (when my doctor thought I was Bipolar) but since seeing that doctor none of my other doctors think that I have Bipolar. I've taken Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Gabapentin (prescribed for restless legs), Effexor (horrible side effects with that one, couldn't take long). I believe I couldn't tolerate the Cymbalta either but I can't remember for sure. I've taken Prozac in the past but am not willing to take that again. I'm considering Wellbutrin again but I can't remember what the side effects were. I'm afraid that my anxiety issues are going to cause me to have intolerable side effects just because I'm worried about taking the medication and or that I will generally just have real side effects that will actually cause me anxiety. After all, I have anxiety attacks just if I get sick with the flu or some minor ailment. Anyway, could you guys/gals please tell me what medication you have tried that actually made you feel better and that you tolerated well? Thank you.

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Hi Rhonda sounds like you have had a struggle coping with anxiety and depression. Also trying to find the right medication that suits you. I had a period of time when I was prescribed citalopram for anxiety and I found it really helped. Only side effect for me at the time was it slowed my thinking down and I wasn't as alert mentally. But it did help with emotions and anxiety. Good luck I hope you find one that works for you. Keep trying xx


Thank you so much for replying. As you see, you were the only one. The slowness of mental state is worrisome for me because I already deal with that as one of my anxiety symptoms which makes it very difficult to work. I am so anxious about taking medication I am afraid to even go to my appointment this morning. Ugh!!!! I hate this. I guess I'll just talk to the lady and try to pick her brain as to which one might be the best one. Thanks again.


Totally understand what you mean about taking medications. I had such a phobia and refused all medications, even for headaches. Finally after seeking help from a doctor who then put me in touch with a psychologist, I accepted their advice and was prescribed ZOLOFT. There were side effects for a few days ... bit of a stomach upset, and slight dizziness and nausea. They went away after about three days. The Zoloft I used for about three years. It was ok ... not perfect. Was still having anxiety. I went to a new doctor and three years ago after weaning me off Zoloft, she prescribed me AROPAX. It has been 100 times more successful for me. It helps with severe panic attacks which I haven't had since being on them, and with rotten anxiety attacks and helps my OCD. I don't recall any side effects at all ! Every now and then I have to take Serapax which helps with severe anxiety. It is an addictive drug, but the doctor knows my feelings about taking medications, and knows that is not an issue for me. (I take a quarter of a tablet when needed, which equates to 7.5mgs) One prescription has lasted me nearly two years. This is to help with extreme anxiety, but to put it into perspective, I didn't need any to help cope with the death of my darling mum who I was full time carer for, for four years. She passed away just a few weeks ago. I am one of those people who has to accept I will be on Antidepressants for the rest of my life. I have tried three times to wean myself off when I was on Zoloft, and even tho it wasn't the most perfect match for me, I still ended up having three breakdowns.

Depression runs in my family.

I read about a lot of people saying their Antidepressants makes their brain foggy, but I didn't get any of that with either of mine. None whatsoever.

Look, bottom line, see if your doctor thinks Aropax will suit you ..they usually take about three weeks to start kicking in. If there are any side effects, they may last a few days or not at all. I don't know if Aropax is available where you are, but it is prescribed to cover depression, anxiety and OCD. I am on the lowest dose which from memory is about 20mgs. Once you are on them, and if you want to come off them, do it with your doctors help as you need to come off them slowly.


Thank you so much. I haven't heard of that medication so I'm not sure if they have it here in the U.S. but I will check on it.




Hi Rhonda,

Just a thought: You might try using a free mood app to track your daily moods just for a few weeks. I had no idea that I was dealing with ultra-rapid bipolar cycling. Moods change so quickly that it is difficult to diagnose. I am currently taking Seroquel for bipolar, however it is an amazing treatment for my anxiety too. I insisted that the doctor start me on a very low dose and I am glad I did.



Thank you. Blessings to you as well.


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