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Anxiety or Depression ?

Hi all,have been feeling bad lately,can't figure out if its anxiety,or depression,I have read posts,that say if you feel anxious,go out for a walk,but I can't walk when i'm anxious,I don't feel like running away,I just feel weak and tired,and just want to hide and cry,I can't take a/ds,and get by with xanax,as needed,my head dosen't feel clear,I have no energy,it takes me ten minutes to talk myself into taking a shower,because I get dizzy in it,does this sound like anxiety or depression to you..I don't know what i'm going to do,my insides are trembling....any advice would be very welcome.xxxx

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For me , its anxiety

I feel fed up with the anxiety & can say I am depressed , but I see depression as when you are so low no matter what you never feel happy & cant pick yourself up at all , you are just in a state of sadness all the time

So I get fed up with myself , with anxiety & don't feel like doing things , but things can cheer me up

This may have made no sense

Have you been to see your GP , they are the best people to say which they feel you are suffering from

Hope you feel better soon , but you are not alone with these feelings





Hi mia,

What your describing is how I used to feel, and the reason I started doing meditation, not for long periods, it was for a few seconds then a few minutes, it was a very gradual thing, but what it did was lift my depression and the anxiety went with it, well to a certain extent. I've no idea how, I just know it works.

Its important to be kind to ourselves, and this is why I do loving kindness meditations, as I'm very good at putting myself down all the time, I self judge too, and this makes me feel so down, ~I know only meditation will heal it. Yes, I would say its a healing, its well known to heal and rejuvinate our immune systems, it could be that.

Those xanax, are powerful drugs, I used them for 30 yrs, and the comedowns can gradually get like what your describing. Try if you can to not use them in the panics and just use them when your having trouble say going to the doctors, or out. I would say its time to have a peep at facing these anxiety states, its never as bad as we imagine, I'm not saying its easy, but is is doable and as we improve it does get easier.

Have you got access to the doctors and councilling, maybe CBT as I do think having backup in place before we start is a good thing. I did and it helped alot.

Give that trembling a big hug, soften around it, and allow it to calm down.

I had the tremors today too, so your not alone...

Wishing you well



thank you for your comments,I do understand what your saying whywhy,when i'm not anxious i'm in great form,but then something annoys me and I get really down,I must say my hubby is a good man,but is inclined to be selfish,watches every penny I spend,and he is not very loving,sometimes a hug or a talk would help ,but he never touches me,so I feel unloved ,anxious and depressed.I did a year of cbt it was a great help,but i feel myself slipping back down,I hope and pray things get better before I have a breakdown ,no point in talking to him,he just tells me to take my a/ds,and i'll feel better,I am beginning to hate him for his coldness towards me,thanks again both of you for your advice,I feel closer to you than I do to my own family..and i'm so glad of this site to get things off my chest..xxxxxxx



I have just seen this reply & I really felt for you

I think there are two types of men , those that want to control , but take charge , those that don't , but you have to take charge

I have been married twice , the first one liked to take control , but made me feel just as you describe ,, having said that he did love me & years later I do believe he still does

However , my hubby now is more one that likes me to take control , which can be a pain when I don't feel up to it , however the benefits out weigh the pain

He listens to me , he puts up with me , he is always loving me , he will let me do what I want , he tells me I am the best thing in the world , even when I am in a crap mood or look like I have been drawn through a hedge backwards :-) & is there no matter what

I feel blessed & don't no at times how or what I have done to deserve this

Because though I have had both kinds of men in my life , I so no how you must be feeling & when you are suffering with anxiety , it really doesn't help

I no you have said you have had CBT before & it helped , but you feel you are slipping

Before you do , go back & ask again for some more

Plenty have & so should you

I really hope you go & see your GP & tell them how bad you feel



thank you so much whywhy,I will go back to my GP and get more help,I didn't think I could get more CBT but I will do my best to get it,my hubby is a diabetic, and has sexual problems,he is depressed himself,but is doing well on meds,but like most men he dosen't talk about his problems,I really don't mind the sex part,but we all need affection,a kiss and a hug,and to be told we'r loved,thats the part I miss,he lives in his own world,with his own hobbies,and completely ignores my feelings,he also expects me to fall in with whatever he wants to do,I still love him,and I know deep down he loves me too,but I feel i'm living my life to please him,i'm getting to the stage now that I don't want to please him any more,I'm going to do what I want myself..we are married 40 years,and I'm beginning to blame him for the way I am today,enough said about my marriage,i'm probably boring you,but its great to write this all down,I have NEVER told this to anyone else,and I feel a weight lifted off me....thanks for listening and caring,I really appriciate it..xxxxxxxxxxx


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