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Inspiration x

Inspiration x

Hi all, Just thought Id check in to say hi and ask how we all are? Im having a few days off from sailing ( imaginary ship of progress) to do my cbt homework.

Not a lot to report, still having my niggles to do with health x but i need to feel these things to make progress, if that makes sense x The weekend seems to have gone quite quickly, either that or my huge ironing pile was enough to steer me through the monotonous days lol x

If it works I wanted to share with you my picture of inspiration , my little boy danny x he is 6 and when he was 3 he underwent a bone marrow transplant to cure him of a illness which would of taken his life in his teens x he never once complained about it x and still to this day doesn't, he also has dyspraxia short leg tendons x and no lymph gland system in the upper half of his body, it was all removed through surgery .x He makes me proud to be his mammy x but i need to learn to be brave lie him x stand up for what you want in life and fight for it xx Donver xx

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U and your gorgeous boy deserve every happiness xx


Aww ty missyk x one day happiness will come to us all x

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I did wonder where your ship was ?

That picture , made me cry , how beautiful is he & how very brave , you must be so proud


I cant say anymore after reading what your son has been through & looking at how lovely he is & its not often I get lost for words as you may have noticed

I no you will already , but tell him your friends think he is a star ;-)

Thank you for thinking so much about us all that you could share this with us :-)





Aww whywhy x ty so much x he is a very handsome little man x and so very brave x as in my little one with his diabetes x I am very proud to have been chosen to be mam to this wonderful boy x I feel in life we get what we deserve and im starting to think I must of done something right to be privilege to his journey x

I will be sure to tell him x and it was my pleasure to share xx

Love donna xx


What a gorgeous boy you have there and so very brave. You must have stayed strong through all of his treatment too as it's very hard for us Mums to see our children hurt or suffer,

So keep on being strong for him and yourself.... certainly sounds as though you are doing very well so far. You are a couple of fighters so keep on keeping on.

Thank you for sharing the lovely photo.In NZ we say 'Kia kaha"... stay strong. You CAN do it, believe youcan. Love Julie xx


ty x Julie x he is very gorgeous x and so very very brave x I got through his treatment god knows how but I did x having a rock of a hubby helped x It was the hardest decision i've ever had to make the one to save a life by risking a life x

Ty for you lovely words xx Donver x


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