Annoying habits x

Hi all, Hope we are all well. I was wondering if we have any annoying habits ?? Aside anxiety of course which technically is not a habit more a annoying pest. You or your partners, kids even. I have found myself getting more annoyed by the kids and hubbys ticks as I call them, although of course Im oblivious to my own lol. My kids in general are fine bar the oldest, 14 years of attitude, who cannot rinse out his toothbrush and pees on the bathroom floor I could go on. BUt the hubby, grrrr is what I say, considering he is a clean person, likes to look good and likes a tidy house, damn he can be annoying with it. My list, for a laugh x is

1. nice clean worktops, he makes a sarnie, cleans up after, but leaves the crumbs.

2. Always leaves the back door ajar, we need fresh air! I shut, he reopens.

3. Puts the toast crumb knife into the butter, big grrrr.

4. Can never put his laptop away after himself. Leaves it on the dinning table.

5. Takes off clothes he has maybe had on a few hours and folds them and leaves them on the side in the bedroom, ermm washing machine?? No he will wear them another day.

You can catch my drift lol x I know I have habits x such as cushions must be straight, don't make my curtains wonky, you have moved my ornaments. Some I have had pointed out by the hubby I never noticed. Thought it might be interesting to see how other are with this stuff xx

Hope everyones evening is pleasant also xx Donver xx


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  • My husband had OCD a place for everything drives me mad. I am perfect

  • Hi holly x I used to think mine had it to x until I've been taking more note lol x now i think his ocd only appears when the car needs cleaning, which is often seeming he choose white :/ xxx

  • Hi

    I get annoyed when hubby breaths & I am not in a good mood :-D

    Holly dont forget Karl this Sunday , sky1 , 9,oclock

    The moaning of life

    If you have iplayer on sky you can download the 1st one now , I did watched it twice already & laughing bothe times , I shall be watching it again as well :-/




  • Hi whywhy x It really made me lol , your poor hubby lol x mind you wrong time for me and I can be as bad. xxx

  • Hi all, L live alone so my list is things i find annoying about myself!...

    1. I sniff my washing as it comes out of the dryer or off the line, i do this with every item, i know it makes me look insane but i cant help myself.

    2. Nail polish marks from my toes on the bath that i cant get off, in bright red criss crosses all over it.

    3. If i ve lit my tea lights even for half an hour i have to put the used ones in the bin and have new ones out even though they ve got hours of burn time left in them..i cant abide the look of them with black wicks.

    4.The need to wash and dry every item i ve used to cook with before i ll eat, i drive myself nuts doing this. Honestly, i eat a congealed lukewarm meal every night in my immaculate kitchen.

    Just read that list to ring the funny farm now! xxxxxxx

  • Oh looking -glass you made me laugh

    I do the washing thing as well

    Seems like you have OCD here , I suffer & mine affects me in different ways , not enough room to list them all though :-/


  • Wow Looking glass x some weird ones lol x no seriously to me I fully understand x I don't sniff washing but I seriously had a hour long conversation with a friend about the hanging on the line of it lol.

    I haven't the problem of nail varnish, but if the bath is marked it would drive me potty. Try a magic sponge, you get them in pound shops x they are great for marks like that.

    I can understand tea lights x i hate things like that x I have a yankee candle i dare not light as it would be a waste. Its like the annoying habit of matches that have burnt in a box of new x

    I wash as i go with meal items x although i can leave the items until after the meal x

    No funny farm for you unless its a group outing :) Now that would be fun x a bus full of anxiety, ocd people let loose on the public yikess x


  • Stupid question but you have tried nail varnish remover on the bath haven't you? I only ask because my ex's daughter did the same thing & we tried everything, but that worked lol.

    Sniffing the washing! :o Ok yes, I do that too :p That funny farm is going to be awfully busy :D


  • Thats made me laugh cause im a bus driver! Safest passengers in the world mine are, im worrying about young girls getting off late at night on their own, old people who i worry have nt got anyone to look after them etc etc. and dont get me started on possible dangers on the road, if theres a dangerous senario and a course of evasive action i ve got it all planned out! xxxxx donver, i know you want to sniff the washing now, dont fight it, just a little sniff wont hurt lol! x

  • Lol Looking glass x I really did for then hell of it go sniff my washing x Think the 14 year old son thinks im mad now lol x

    I cannot drive, unless its people round the bend x BUt I get your drift, my hubby a class one driver and he always moaning about the safety of other son the road x Its nice to know some people still worry about the safety of others xx

    The habit of washing sniffing stops now:) xx

  • Oh Donver, I fear you've opened a can of worms here mind, how long have you got? :D

    From your list No 3 is a real pet hate of mine, yuk!

    Well there is just me (Miss Perfect) & my 15 yr old daughter so......

    1. Inability to close a door quietly

    2. Use of 4, yes 4 towels after a shower, 2 big bath sheets & 2 hand ones.

    3. Said towels left on floors or bed.

    4. Pathological inability to put anything in a bin, especially empty yoghurt pots :D

    5.Waiting, half my life I spend waiting for dd to be ready, late for everything.

    6. I like a tidy house, which annoys dd.

    7.I twiddle my toes & fingers, must annoy somebody.

    8. Recently realised I keep saying "okie-dokie" to my parents. Don't know about them but it's annoying the heck out of me :D


  • Hi thomson x

    Wow what a list, don't worry I have time to read lol.

    Can I say im so glad i have 3 boys the towel thing would drive me mad x I do however get toothpaste and snots on a hand towel every morning x

    Door slamming is the only kind in this house. Oh yes the bin thing, i get sick of picking things up off the sides etc.

    I really did laugh at the okie dokie thing x I say it all the time at the mo to people on the phone. I blame justin on cbeebies x As for the clean house, I have given up. I have come to realise the only time my home will be clean is between the hours of 9am and 3 x school time lol.


  • Well it's been a long time since I watched cbeebies so I have no excuse :D

    I know very well the 9am to 3pm thing. Spend all day cleaning & tidying, one girl arrives home & the place looks like a tornado just hit :o I'm sure boys come with their own foibles, but at least you don't have the used make-up wipes to pick up, from everywhere lol bane of my life :D


  • LOL I too have o.c.d think it comes with anxiety I hate people messing up my cushions.

    People Going on my down stairs toilet

    Noise I hate it

    Loud music specially in shops

    People picking there feet

    Untidy mess

    I clean everything

    Can't relax till its clean the list is endless.

    P.s can I join the bus :):):)

  • Hi Scooby x welcome aboard lol x My hubby said I should throw the cushions away and the problem would be solved lol x So i did the opposite and bought more lol glutton for punishment.

    I escape the loo thing, I haven't got one downstairs lol. I think the rest I could live with x I like playing with feet x I think it comes from being a child and being made to file my grandads toe nails lol. As long as I have dettol and thing to clean I must add, I could live with the rest lol xx

  • You can all get on the bus...i ll hire a tri axle 70 seater! Im going to have to add my sisters use of the phrase "thanking you" to my list...she says it to shop assistants in a sing song voice. than...kin...g...yooooou! i could slap her for it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ohh Looking glass that would be so annoying x It must be like real live disney lol. I'm more grumpy from the seven dwarfs x Wheres this bus heading xx ? maybe the priory we could go give the celebs a run for there money lol xx

  • Hi there, right now its my hubby snoring had to come downstairs can still hear it down here :D

    Suppose this isnt really a habit and he can't help it but its so annoying, have trouble sleeping anyway so it doesn't help !!

    No wonder Im always tired , when I win the lottery Im having my own soundproofed bedroom , absolute bliss :D

    Mimii xx

  • Morning mimii

    Hope you got some sleep

    I dont have to write about what bad habits annoy me on here , so far everyone that has posted has named one that annoys me :-D

    Snoring is up there with them as well

    I must say you are very thoughtful saying he cant help it , I cant recall I say those words as I am thumping him & trying to roll him out of bed :-/

    Hope you have a good day :-)




  • Hi again :D

    Had about 2 hours sleep so slightly zombified today , planning an early night to try and get to sleep before hubby comes up so I get some peace, perhaps I should try the thumping next time too :D

    Mimii xx

  • Oh yes I would recommend the thumping , just a sharp little one leaving no evidence behind mind you ;-)

    You will observe they tend to make a startled noise & move at this stage :-/

    The rolling them out of bed depending on what size you are dealing with can be a bit more strenuous & it can be harder not to laugh when they go thud on the floor :-D


  • Ok will take your advice on the thumping method, if that doesn't work could try a sledgehammer :D xx

  • Ermm

    I dont think I could recommend a sledge hammer could be taking matters to far :-/

    Only other thing do you come with a spare bedroom

    I do

    And I keep it very cosy & tell him I shall be reading with a very bright light on for a while so if he goes in there I will come & fetch him when I have finished but I never do :-D

    In the morning , I just say I forgot :-D

    Result , one large bed to myself minus snoring :-)


  • You lucky thing, if we had a spare bedroom Id be in there already :D or he would, don't mind which :D xx

  • Hi Mimi x Sorry I did laugh x mine is the same I have to prod him n slap him to get him to shut up x I'm not surprised your tired, send him down to sleep on couch lol x

  • I did suggest he invent a soundproof snoring helmet to wear in bed but he's not come up with anything so far, I said you could make a fortune if you could make them :D xx

  • Hahaha this one been making me giggle...

    the OH floordobe drives me nuts...the oldest boy says 'sorry' too girl sounds like a herd of elephants running down the corridor to go toilet at night...youngest boy likes to charge at me heavy head first...also both the OH and girl sleeptalk...and me? I run this home like a dictator...;)

    x sam

  • Hi Lady x its amazing what people find annoying isn't it :) x Has really opened my eyes this one, I had to laugh at the charging x its what my 6 year old doz when he wants a cuddle x I can get the sleep talking to as my hubby is a sod for it. xxx

  • I'm sorry none of you would survive at my house. What's the opposite to someone with OCD? That's me! Please don't say a messy sod cos I don't think I'm too bad. However, when my son was at home I did used to get fed up with the trail of debri he left when he got home from school. My OH has sleep apnia so has to wear a special mask this makes quite a noise but I've just got used to it.

  • Hi Mystery x I have ocd with some things however I'm learning to let them slide. So I can be messy :) Mine is more wanting to keep things perfect as I never had things for long when I was little, they got smashed or thrown away. So I feel the need to hang on to my things for dear life lol. Weird brain of mine :) Im used t debri now and having kids does make you think sod it x I could abide the mask as my granda alway had one for emphysema, its a comfort noise to me:) x

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