One of them days x

HI all hope we are all fine x What a day I have had x Well day and night as I hardly slept, it sort went like 12pm. got to bed cannot sleep so play a game on my ipod next time look at clock its 1.30 try to sleep and for the next 3 hours or so im awake every 5 minutes thinking about something I should be doing which I cannot remember, then I convince myself I maybe dreaming who knows? At 8am I have no choice but to get up, school run calls x The middle one is still off school as he was sent home on Monday with the sickie bug x I thought he was getting better but the hubby informs me he has been up all night being sick again x 10am doctors ring to say that he should be taken to our local hospital for checks due to him only been 3 year post transplant x (marrow) So i try to keep busy and crack on with decorating the bedroom, One full wall of paper done today and all the bits put back and some shelves down ready for new to go up x The hubby had,nt set up my pasting table so i used the kitchen worktop which as you can imagine resulted in me running up and down stairs x In between all of this the phone rung about 10 times, my mam bothering me about the nephew who lives with her and his asd, she tends to rely on me for help as my ill one also has asd x So finish the room just as the smaller one comes in from school x Phone call to say one in hosp really ill and he has bad bacterial infections of the stomach lining and bowel and upper intestine x So he will be in few days x Help!! I hate being alone so I ask the 14 year old if he coming up from his dads to stay nope he has the sickie bug x So Im knackered and moping around worrying about bed time, as the little one is type one diabetic and i hate giving the insulin x Needs must however xx Sorry for long post i know they are a bit daunting when you see the long ones lol xx Donver x

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  • Hi Donver

    That wasn't a long post & what you have been going through you need a rant & to get it all out !

    I am so sorry your son is poorly & sending him big hugs :-)

    What a lot you have to deal with , you must be a lot stronger than you think & that is why even though I do understand how you feel about been alone I know you will cope & we are all here to help you :-)

    As a Mum I can only imagine the pressure you must feel under , stay strong he will soon be home & all better again running around & so proud of his wonderful Mum who has gone to so much trouble to decorate what will be a lovely bedroom for him & his brother





  • Aww ty Why, you will make me cry, Im catching the rhyming bug of you lol x Ty for the hugs I will pass them on when he is home :)

    I somehow have found I work better under pressure silly is,nt it x When there is something going on I dont have time to think of me so I just do it, when I stop I literally drop x I try to be strong, I do think most of us on here are a lot stronger than we think x Ty for al being here I suppose the left alone thing is due to always having someone around x even though I have the little one x I know its pressure but Hey what else are us mums for x I asked his little bro what he thought of the bedroom so far and the answer was crap lol x Made me smile so all good lol x Donver xx

  • That made me laugh the other one saying the bedroom is crap :-D

    I know it wont be & once everything is in there they are going to love it :-)

    Oh please say hello & send him hugs from me he is such a little cutie :-)

    I understand as well when I am under pressure I seem to go for it & then drop once everything has settled down again & yes we moan when everyone is under our feet but as soon as they are not there we are lost & don't like the silence !

    That's women for you , no wonder men dont understand us :-D


  • Well I will give him one thing he speaks his mind crap! simple as that lol x I think as you say once the shelves are up and such they will like it :)

    I will defo say hi and hugs for you x He is a little cutie yep very proud of my boys x :)

    No men defo don't get us x I always get told moan when its right moan when it wrong so cannot win x But hey if I cannot moan to him who else can i whinge at x I hate silence, as I was saying to another member only in the last few days, when im alone i go to bed with the tv on all night as its to quite lol x x

  • You will be in my prayers sweetheart,god be with u,thinking of u now and allways,as we allways do on here xxxx

  • Aw ty Meg x Its nice to know there are such caring people around :) x Hope you are feeling better today x :)

  • Thank u,but iv had had a very distressing day ,don't want to go into it ,but after reading ur blog felt u could do with a hug and some prayers,just feeling sorry for myself at the mo ,iv been chatting with why why today and it's helped,sometimes it's crap when ur alone and not to well,so sorry ur son is not to well but I'm sure hel soon be home with u love, big hugs xxxx

  • Oh sorry to hear that x I think sometimes we have these bouts and wonder if they will ever end x and sometimes they seem to come and go in waves but we will all get there one day x Wherever it is we may be going :) x Ty for thinking of me, I do like hugs at times yes x :) Aw its a great comfort to chat to someone who understands x makes us feel less alone x She is a good one is Why x Yes hopefully he will be home soon x And then I can nag him for being noisy lol x I do hate being alone but hey how can I be when I can come here and chat x x ty for the hugs big one for u to x

  • Ur very welcome my love,I enjoy coming on here I feel people understand wat I'm going through like so many others,I hate being alone too but haven't much choice as I'm a widow,I have my radio on now nex to my bed as I like to hear a human voice when I'm down,have u any idea when ur son will be home?

  • Yes x they do understand and its great x as sometimes when you try to explain to certain people they just dont get it x Oh yes sorry I do forget sometimes you are alone x It would be ok to be on my own I feel if I actually had friends who lived near and I could pester to come for takeaway and chat lol x I am hoping he will be home sometime over the weekend x I do like to hear human noise to x No wonder my electric bills are high as the tv is always on x

  • Yes it's times like this I miss my lovely hubby,he was a godsend if u weren't well,but at least he was here,then,but iv had to cope best I can,glad ur son will b home for the weekend Hun xxxx

  • Seems to b some nasty bugs round at the mo,could do with a cold spell I think xxx

  • Oh yes a nice frosty day to kill the little blighters x :)

  • Good Grief woman, how do you do it?!

    Hopefully your boy will be home very soon & things can get back to 'normal'.

    Take care of yourself


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