Onward and upward x

Hi all hope we are all well x As many of you know a fave saying of mine is onward and upward, I tend to use the phrase a lot and say it to quite a few of you some more than others :) Sitting tonight, with nothing to watch and nothing to do I picked up a book and flicked the pages until I came across one labelled onward and upward, it was like fate x Like it was left for me to find lol x Silly I know its a book and its always been there x I wanted to share some words from the book that stood straight out as I found this page, Commitment : Never knowing in advance if u will achieve all of your goals, all u can do is keep moving forward. The future is not in your control. What is, is the ability to continue forward, on your journey, step by step, learning and growing as you progress, getting back on track when you wander. " Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts " And I know that deep within us all we have the courage to go out and live our dreams xx Hey Why that includes getting Will ;) xx Donver x


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  • Hi Donver

    You are a late comer tonight :-D

    Very true words , I love your last bit that includes Will I shall remember that , do you think you should encourage me though :-/

    I shall never give up & that includes getting Will as well now :-D




  • I always have been a late one lol x I prefer the night x Few hundred years ago i may of been a relative of Dracula who knows lol x I was born at 5 past midnight 22 days late now what doz that tell u lol x

    Yes always remember that we cannot always get what we want but we can get what we need and u need a Will :) Never give up and never back down u may need that tip to get past the security hehe x Donver xx

  • Hey Donver

    I really like that...it's so positive...goodness knows I could do with some :-)


  • Hi Ashley x Ty glad you liked it, really stood out to me when I think I needed some to :) xxx

  • hi donver, those passages are so true, just shows what you can pick up in books, dont think that why why will ever give up on her dream man, mr will .I am . jasper xx

  • Hi Jasper x Yes they are very true, books are a great fountain of knowledge and advice x No Im sure that where there is a Will there is always gonna be a Why lol x x

  • love it, where there is a will there will always be a why, very clever .xx

  • Why ty Jasper lol x

  • I am listening you no , even though very true :-D


  • I am here & no I will keep trying even though I am really not sure I will succeed , just one day would do though :-D


  • Hey u never know until you try x And there will be a day and lots more after, how will u ever truly know u where meant to fly if u never spread those wings :) xx

  • :-D


  • what book is it ? I need to read a good book..how to stop worrying and start to live or something on staying in the present before I end up in hospital for mentally ill

  • HI Gatita x It was the happiness trap by russ harris x x Its more a thinking on the positive side book and more aimed toward the mindfullness way of therapy but its a good read x

  • Godd advice, but it`s not easy to go onward & upward when people are sitting on your head!

  • Hi Hairy lol x Oh god that made me laugh so much x I used to feel like that but to me it was like I was laying in bed and people where throwing quilts on me and no matter how I struggled I could not shift them x And then one day I rolled over and fell out lol x Sometimes it feels we are dealt all the crap cards in life and no matter how we try fate will throw a spanner in the works, but I try to think of it now as keep throwing them as Im learning to accept that its how it is for me and no matter how many they throw I will get back up and keep going xx

  • Thanks Donver, thanks for sharing and is very true. Need to try to remember this, rather than worrying i will fail all the time!

    Jules x

  • HI Jules x No probs, I think we all worry we will fail but the way to see it is that its ok to do so, as if we did not fail how would we know it was,nt right and it was time to try again x :)

  • Such true words donna. We do all have the courage within. As we are strong people. We have to be. And we will all get there . Then we will pass on our knowledge to others. :)



  • Hi Bonnie x How are you ? Yes we al do have the courage, we have all battled demons and won so we will win this one :) x We have to go and be strong as if we all gave up what sorta world would we live in x Bloody boring one x And as you said when we succeed we shall pass it on and make others better :) xx Donna x

  • Iv`e often found in the past that people have deliberately put obstacles in my way, & prevented me from getting on in life. My parents, especially my mother, were always warning me of how dangerous life is, making me too scared to try things, like moving to another country. Other people would tell me that I was thick, so preventing me from going to college & learning a useful & rewarding occupation. If I`d had the guidance that I needed I wouldn`t be claiming benefits, & being a burden on the taxpayer. I do wonder what satisfaction people get from holding others back, jealousy, perhaps?

  • HI Hairy x Yes I can see where you are coming from, I had the same, my mam had anxiety and was scared of anything that moved, and my nana was paranoid about health so it set me off at a young age x I was thick according t the teachers and family as my older sister was really clever x It has a real effect on you as a person and your abilities to cope when older for sure, but hey you are not a burden, to the taxpayer or anyone, its a harsh world we live in and to much pressure is put on people to succeed x How can we know where to go if never shown the right way x Perhaps it is jealous yes, as you may of become all they wanted and could not due to there own demons x But its never to late to be what we need to be x There is no shame in doing what you do now x A lot of people have no choice as there are no other ways xx Donver x

  • At least I have the satisfaction that those who put me down so that I never reached my potential, are paying for my benefits out of their taxes!

  • Haha x Yes its one way to look at it x But I am a believer of karma and what goes around comes around xx

  • If there is such a thing as karma, then I know a lot of people who are in for a bad time if theyr`e reincarnated!

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