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Cat drama day x

Hi all hope we are all well? x

Well at last I am calming down after a hectic day x It started well, had a lovely morning and then a nice Sunday dinner x Sat down turned the computer on then I heard my hubby screaming, I dropped the computer and ran, the adrenalin going, he was shouting get the dog in, so I brought our little papliion in x The house next door is empty and 2 large lurcher's dogs had come into the garden barking and he thought they where attacking our dog, they were,nt x But they had a cat, the hubby told me to go in the house, but no adrenalin took hold, and some may say stupidly I went to the empty garden and hit the dog with a brush it would,nt let go f the cat x So i hit it with a brick bit silly I know I like dogs but I love cats x It would not let go more went for me, a lad then appeared and got the dog and I took teh cat into my home, where Im sad to say I could,nt save it, he died x I rand the rspca and they told me it was not there concern if the animal was dead x So we found the cat owner who told me to pee off he was,nt bothered x The dog owner returned and apologised it was his friend walking the dog for him. The cat has now been buried and it deserved some dignity x Poor soul x Well after that my adrenalin has eased but im buggered xx Donna xx

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What a tragic tale,I could not have coped with that,I would keep getting flashbacks,well done for you coping and doing your best for the cat.


It was tragic Linda as I so would of loved it to live x I keep thinking about the poor bugger but its at peace now so that is enough for me x Ty x I can but try sadly sometimes fate has other plans x


Hey Donna,

That's a such sad story. I'm sorry you couldn't save it but I'm sure you did your best and he died in peace in your home. The cat was probably badly hurt and suffering, so found peace at the end. I suppose sometimes things are just nature's way aren't they?

It kind of reminds me of something that happened to us summer 3 years ago. There a beaten up looking cat in our garden, it'd been there since the morning, and when my dad came home it was still there so tried to shoo it again, even flicking a bit of water to encourage it. Strangely though, the cat didn't move and only miowed at my dad wanting a fuss. He seemed like such a friendly boy. We realised this wasn't a right and a sign of illness so we took him the vets. The vets said he was a very old, sick cat and they would do their best to look after him. I never did find out what happened. :( I very much doubt he would be here today though. We wanted to take him in but, our boys were still only lively kittens so it wouldn't have been appropriate. I just had to get that off of my chest.

I'm sorry for all the stressed caused. I hope you are calming down and starting to feel more relaxed now.

Big (((hugs)))




HI, Fay x It was sad the poor thing was looking at me as if to say help me im sure x It was quick as the dog had him by the throat x But as you say he died in a loving surrounding not left somewhere no one would find him x

Aw your story sounds sad but I have a auntie who believes in cats being an old soul who find there loved ones in the real world x Maybe he was someone who wanted to come say goodbye xx

I am fine now ty x choc fixed it lol xxx Donna x ty for the hugs xx


Ohhhhh Donna :(

Thank you for caring enough to try and do something. What a dreadful response from the poor cat's owner.

Big hugs to you - Hope you feel easier soon.


Hi Blorengia x I had to try and I did my best x The owner is barbaric he did not deserve an animal such as this one x He was more concerned at the cost of having to do something with it x Ty for the hugs xxx Donna


I cannot believe that cat owner - cat has to be in a better place


Hi Ladyx Im sure he is now x :)


Dear Donna,

Well done for going out there and looking after or saving or rescuing the cat from the dog. That was brave of you, if you don't mind me saying .

It was such a nice thing to do and how nice that you have buried the cat.

a hug,

Marcus xxx


Thank you Marcus x I dont mind you saying, maybe I was a little silly it was a big dog but I could,nt bear to see the pain he was in and felt it was my place to try and help x x ty for the hug also xx Donna x


Hi Donna,

You were very brave - I think I would have had second thoughts about tackling such a big, fierce dog - and what a sad response from the cat's owner.

Some people do not deserve to have pets :X

It's a tragedy but it died being loved and cared for which is the best you could do for


Ty Faded x I think its all any creature can ask for a quick death with loving people xx


you did more than I would have been able to do in that situation Donna, so brave you are, and that dog owner should be spoken to, as what next a little dog ? if police got called he would have been in trouble, as a dog doing that to a cat, is classed as criminal damage. And his dog was out of control, I feel very sad for that cat, At least you was there for it.




Hi Donna

Such a tragic story, you were so brave for trying to save the cat. Some people shouldn't be allowed to keep pets.

Jules x


well done donver, that must have been horrible for you, that dog could have gone for you and really hurt you, you deserve a medal. well done. the owner of cat should be put down himself.xx


Aww thank you Newton x I did what most animal loving people would of done x The owner yes well what can I say I told him he did not deserve animals as he was basically one himself xx


I'm going to add my praises too Donna. Think it's great what you did for that poor cat. Most people wouldn't have bothered or been too scared so well done. I too can't believe the cats owner. What a horrible person. How can you not care about your pet? It's beyond me. I think the way you and your family helped that poor old cat is great too Fairy. Bev x


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