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Plan z up swanny x

Hi all I fancied a few weeks away but still wanted to keep in touch so had the idea to maybe switch sites for a while but it seems this idea was a dud x so please if you are here still don't feel the need to change x I just want this site to be what it was when i joined for the first time ages ago x x And we are still having the odd member think that its mature and adult of us to belittle others for what they have to say x the right to speak is with us all x we can put things on a post which we feel are silly or extremely important to us but if you don't like them don't read x Simple really x :) Donver xx

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whay about a facebook site, by invite only?


We did think of this but it would,nt work as it seems not everyone is fb friendly x


Thats a good idea. Or if anyone is computer savvy they could set us all up on one of the free sites. Then it could also be invite only. It would certainly keep the trolls away!

Bev x


Again good idea but im no good with that sort of stuff x but im sure someone would be x :)


Hi Donver. I think I may stay on here and just ignore any nasty comments. If we don't feed these people, ( which I actually did 2 hours ago!!!!), then they have nothing to come on here for. We need to support each other especially when there are obviously people on here who are quite nasty and out to upset.

I don't like to be beaten, had enough bullying when I was at school, so I am all for staying. Julie xx


Hi All,

I am going no where as I need this site. I will try my best to help others as they have me.


Yes,that is what the bad persons want,us to leave,maybe have no members left,if we done a f/b site how would new people be able to come on and the troll could maybe get on again


I like your thinking Donver ;)

I know some people find it harder to ignore I'll hit the report button with them...I think it might be working, I've got little patience for horrid people like that

sam xx


I'm pleased you are staying, and I would like to stay too, please. I'm with LadySaabra on hitting the report button. HU may actually do something about the trolls if we keep reporting them :) Love & Hugs x


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