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Setting course for calmer seas x

Hi all, how are we all today x

Ah I've had a interesting day x Started off bit dull, headache from lack of sleep.

My 14 year old decided to inform me the new school bag I bought him was lame as it was nike, mmm many other kids would not complain. He has diff dad than my other two and lives with him as he decided he didn't like me anymore, I buy him nice things and so on but me n the hubby have two other kids and he doesn't like to share. Spoilt brat x

Anyway I decided it was time to sail for a while, see what the day brought my way, postman brought me voting forms so there had to be something more exciting coming my way. The hubby was in n out like yo yo all day. I was in my little dream world most the avo sailing away in the peace. Nothing to report nothing to see but sea x

Came on here to do my positives and i was very proud of me bit sell for them . And then basically until around 5 mins ago it was just peace, no anxiety just peace with the rain pounding off the window x Slightly annoyed cos me sky went off when the chase was on :/

And then positive friday came into its own, and it made me believe that if you think positively good things will happen, I was told by a very good friend that she had overheard the neighbour bragging at the school, she had only just been able to tell me as she was busy. Joy such joy to tell you this, im grinning like a cheshire cat, happiness :) ( i describe anxiety to me as being laid on a bed with people chucking heavy duvets on me) tonight i had ten or more lifted. The neighbour has new keys to her new house, at the other end of town in which she will move to in a week eeeeeekkkkkkkkk. Now ok some people may think oh thats harsh, but people read my posts and u may change ur mind x I have moored in party town xx

Anyway hope your all having nice nights xx Donna xx

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Hi donver

Well yes I want aware either that Nike was lame , I wouldnt buy him as much if he had that attitude

Well I certainly dont think you are been awful & what good news for you about the neighbour , I bet your ship sails a lot smoother without her trying to keep getting on board :D

Good news hun :-)





Hi whywhy, ty x its good news ok x

I know I shouldn't celebrate but its more relief than celebration. All them years of step dads telling me i'm useless, i'm evil no one likes me , i'm fat, im ugly and no one will ever love me etc etc etc, and then I move in next door to her try to be nice do allsorts for her and i get treated like that in return x No one deserves it and she admits she hates being put down so why do it to others x

The nike thing x ohh I should know better I can never do anything right there x never mind I have a receipt c fortunately my other two like there thomas and skylanders bags lol xxxx


Well I hope you no you are none of those things !

Makes me so angry

I am sure they are the insecure ones & try to make themselves feel better by putting others down !!!!



Im learning that in life there are sadly more people like this than we thought x they will get what's coming to them x like you I have a wonderful hubby and kids and they love me for what i am x and thats enough x ty xxx


I bet you feel relieved to hear that news, and I agree about don't buy anything if you son carries on with that attitude. Xxx


Very relieved Winter x The peace for one will be nice, she has 2 dogs and they go into the garden as soon as one of them is awake and come in anytime up until 3am, and all they do is bark. So as I say finally peace on all scales x

He defo has a attitude prob x I try not to buy him stuff but his dad never doz and he like a little scruff , so was trying to help x no more xx


That must have hurt then, if you were only trying to help and make things better for him.

If my dog barks once I'm out and calling him in as I hate to think that Bob is disturbing anyone xxx


Hey thats great news shes moving, hope the new neighbours will be nice :)

Mimii xx


Glad your neighbours are moving and hope you get some a bit more considerate. .

Re dogs why can people not look after their animals properly. They need time, attention love and a little bit of discipline bit like kids really in my opinion. It does upset me when I hear dogs just barking and barking.

Those comments are just hurtful and you need to move on from them. Do some people get off on hurting others? It's just not necessary.

14 is a difficult age but he does sound ungrateful. Just try and persivere with him and be there for him and hopefully he will appreciate you when he is older. I wouldn't buy him stuff though iff he considers it lame. maybe he likes being a scruff

Cheers to getting better neighbours.


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