Morning all x

Hi, well as some of you know myself and a former member decided to emigrate to the anxiety nz group, all where welcome can i make that clear now x we just felt that it was a safer option as admin are on that site to regulate and make sure no a arguments or trouble starts x It was never the intention to stop this group merely one where the other people could continue to be part of it all x The two are linked anyway and anything said over there was never private and could be fully viewed by members here to x However something has gone wrong and it seems the things we where hoping to avoid simply cannot be x I take it upon myself to apologise to all of you for the mess around x I love this site and it has been a great source of help and reassurance to me and all of you at times x in fact some days i would not of got through for it x So again i am sorry it seems sadly some new changes are here to stay with members than have departed, but we can all still stand together and help each other in our daily battles xx Donver xx Sorry slight change to my account , hubby had accident with deleted button xx


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  • I don't think you have anything to apologise for Donver. As far as I can see you have never said anything negative to anyone or caused any trouble so stop beating yourself up please! I am unhappy that this site is not moderated. That is essential to keep it running without problems. Otherwise the lunatics take over the asylum don't they? Think I will be joining you over there.

    Bev x

  • hi hyper x Ty x I try to be positive and to keep my views on a even keel as to not offend x Sometimes I could say things with what people have posted but I would not as its not my place x This site should be moderated at all times as there is always the risk of someone coming to basically be nasty xx Welcome to nz lol x

  • I would be interested to know why previously you left then kept re joining under different names pretending to be someone else then when someone responded to your post you would delete that account ?

  • Are you denying it then ?

  • No you avoided giving giving a straight answer about why you were trying to decieve ppl

  • Still avoiding the issue then lol

  • Listen I still have the email from Lora who used to be in admin who advised me she went to ban you but you had already deleted your account for like the 5th time, then you came back again under a different name and after a while both me and whywhy knew it was you. So don't act like you weren't being a problem, you were harassing a member of the site, we complained to Lora she got you confused with someone else and by the time she realised it was you, you had deleted your account.

  • She emailed you cause she thought you were someone else and then when she realised you were the erstay or whatever your name was before you deleted your account AGAIN!! Why did you delete your account if you hadn't done anything wrong?

  • Yes why keep deleting accounts then pretending to be someone else in a different name ??

  • Listen this is getting out of hand again I think by harassed it would mean pestering, now I know that on one post whywhy did she told you she knew you where erschay and the other, and that she hoped you where not back to cause trouble , she also asked that you refrain from commenting on her posts or from contacting her as she needed time to get her head around you being back, since then you have replied to every post she has done, while this may of been you building bridges she was upset that you could not refrain from contact ie pestering.

  • Yep I have decamped as well lol

  • Have we all went to NZ,?I never done anything,I,m just here.

  • I think we are all where we belong :) x

  • I hear NZ is very nice at this time of year but I'm still around this group. Why have people migrated to the NZ group? I'm not understanding all this virtually travelling... what's the advantage of the NZ group? (Although I'm sure they're all very nice over there in NZ!)

  • It was more a migration as the site there has admin and it stops a repeat of the last few days x But when you join your basically on them both so whatever goes in in them is visable to both groups x

  • Look back on the posts over the last couple of days.

  • I understand there was some upsetting stuff a day or two ago (although I didn't see any of the posts myself so I don't know what it was all about or who said what to whom) but if everyone just moves over to the NZ site how does that help? All the same people will be there together... just virtually thousands of miles further away!

  • Hi :)

    we feel it's a safer option as their are admin in NZ so they attend to us if there are any problems. :)


  • I see, thanks for replying.

    I assumed that all these HU forums had Admins to respond to any posts which are reported.

  • I was in your boat blorengia i thought we had admin but it seems in the uk site we dont xx here they do x

  • That's ok. Yeah we did use to. This site used to be AnxietyUK which was the name of the charity it was run by. However due to funding issues they had to close it down we no longer had the founders working as administrators. Instead it's just the main runners of HU who are supposed to be looking after us. But apparently quite a few have left the site, so it's only us members that are left.

    Hopefully see you in New Zealand anyway. :) It's a lovely little community.


  • We have not gone we are all still here to admins will eventually arrive, I have nothing to go and hide form so i stay x

  • Some people don't deserve forgiveness

  • You've actually caused more misery in 24 hours, I wish to stress that to you. I don't even care any more if anyone thinks I'm being nasty to you but if I'm leaving I'm going out with a bang, I really hope you are happy at what you have achieved in the months you've been pretending to be different people and being disloyal and sneaky,

    You have managed to push away two well respected and liked members of this site.

    I don't care what age you are either you are nothing more than a troll....anyway I'm out.

  • Couldn't agree more with your comment, one person has successfully destroyed what was once a happy community, they constantly came back and forth with different user names and caused upset and distress.

    HU should have done far more than they have done and shouldn't have left us with no ADMINS.

    Sorry to see you leaving too, hopefully things will get resolved and this community will once again become a safe and happy place.

  • Give it up we all know you are a troll. You have been outed. So why don't you do us all a favour and just go?

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