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Im new Thoughts and feelings.

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Hi I'm new here.

I don't know if I have or suffer with anxiety but from reading some posts and just from reading online it seems as if it is what I have been suffering with lately.

I just wanted to write down how I have been feeling and thinking lately and see if I can make sense myself and see if it helps

I literally feel like I'm dying from the inside out from deep in my stomache.

I suffer with migraines and have just started meds for them. The past few weeks iv have the most awful tummy ache nuesea feel like I'm not really here. I feel dizzy disorientated spaced out I feel like people are talking about me and I feel like I'm saying the wrong things to people all the time and upsetting them.

My migraines have been unbelievably awful the past week.

I am think about things and people too much and reading into things ill sit for hours thinking about situations iv just been in and then thinking up senarios as to why they'd hate me for what iv said or done and I won't be paying attention to what's going on around me because in focusing on these stupid things that probably have had absolutely no affect on the other person what so ever! I don't know what to do I'm driving myself crazy I'm at my whits end I can't talk to my partner coz he doesn't get it and he's had depression etc before and I don't want to upset him and stress him out so I'm painting a smile on but like I said I'm dying inside

Sorry and thanks if you managed to get through that and understand it x

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Hi hun 😊 and welcome to the site. I know exactly how you feel. I overthink everything. Right now i feel as though I'm completely unimportant to anyone, that everyone hates me. Its a horrible feeling. I zone out all the time and get so dizzy when the anxiety rises. I also find its worse when i get silent migraines. Over the past 10 years I've learnt to recognise the symptoms and knowing its my own mind messing with me has made it easier to live with.

Have you tried distracting yourself when you start to create scenarios in your head? Maybe cbt or counselling may help? I had counselling and i loved being able to offload all my thoughts. I hope you're ok and I'm here of you'd like to talk x

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cupoftea1 in reply to ShellyS75

Thank you so much that's really nice of you

I'm sorry you also suffer these awful thoughts I have often thought about maybe some sort of counselling or cbt but I wouldn't want my partner to know I was needing help because like I said it would stress him out and he'd be angry with me coz he doesn't know how to deal with it. So instead of supporting me he would make me feel a million times worse so I can't let him know.

And I work so much that I don't have alot of spare time I think the reason I work so much is because it takes my mind off other things and I love my job.

Thing is work has been pretty stressful aswell lately (I work in care)

I just want to cry all the time but I always get to my eyes watering then I force myself to stop because I worry I start I won't stop crying and I will break down.

I'm worried I'm going to just collapse soon because the last few days on quite a few occasions iv felt like I was just going to pass out.

Thanks for your reply hun hope your ok to x

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ShellyS75 in reply to cupoftea1

Feeling like you're going to pass out is one of the worst symptoms I have....but in the 10 years I've had anxiety attacks I've not once passed out. I remind myself of this each time I feel it and I'm at a stage that I think its sinking in that its just a sensation. Work is a great distraction. I totally understand not wanting to tell your other half. Mine doesnt really get it so I dont tell him much. But you need support too...and I would say that if you feel like crying, let it out. You'll feel better for it. Your body releases endorphins once you cry which may help you feel better. It may be worth seeing if there are counsellors that work at times to suit you....even telephone counselling. Please dont suffer it alone aren't alone, never think that xx

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cupoftea1 in reply to ShellyS75

Thanks hun ill have a look into some sort of counselling see what there is around that I could go to.

Thank you so much it's helped just reading your comments! The place I usually have a good cry is in my car lol I'm on my own and I can just let it out.

Thank you x

Hi there,I feel the very same as you,I spend my time overthinking things Ive said something wrong and think noone likes me.At the moment I feel like withdrawing from everyone as Im getting so upset.I also suffer with migraines. Lets help each other on this site and to pot with everyone else

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cupoftea1 in reply to Mia51

Hi Bengal I'm sorry your suffering too. I'm on meds for my migraines which I think it's probably causing or worsening the anxiety but I will go back to my Dr in a week or 2 because they don't seem to be working but iv only been on them for just over 2 weeks I hope your ok x

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Mia51 in reply to cupoftea1

Hi,What are you taking for migraine?Ive stopped different meds because of the side effects.The one that made me seriously ill with anxiety was amitryptiline.I only suffered depression until I took those then I havent been right since I took those pills.The best med to stop a migraine is med called triptans,I take naratriptan but your limited how many you can take,I dont take preventative anymore.Take care.I open up here as my husband doesnt understand my illness.

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cupoftea1 in reply to Mia51

The preventative I'm on is called topiramate.

I also have sumatriptan for when I have a migraine but they are very expensive and I only get 6 at a time and I have had a migraine for 6 days straight and before that daily headache for 3 weeks straight not a day of rest yet since being on this new tablet.


What I can remember I didnt like topiramate otherwise I would still be on them.In Scotland we dont pay for prescriptions.The last 3 years I have headaches every day but maybe thats because ive had migraines for years and years and now I have chronic daily headache which really gets me down.Maybe you should go back to your dr and tell him whats happening. Mind you they always say to give meds a chance but im not convinced anymore as I went through hell last year just doing that.Take care,I hope you start feeling better.

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cupoftea1 in reply to Mia51

Thank you I will go back and see what my Dr suggests as I think after these meds she was going to refer me to a specialist well that's what I'm hoping

Thanks so much for your help both of you xx

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