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Anxiety, depression and panic attacks!

Hi all,

I am new here just joined a few days ago.

On november the 6th last year i had a really big panic attack in a bingo hall.. Since then i have had no end since and i havent really been out the house.. From november till now ive been out about 5 times and thats just to the local shop just a couple min walk away.

I suffered with panic attacks for years but nit that often, since the one in november ive had the anxiety and depression come with it.

I am only 24 years old and have 2 young children, this has ruined my life moreless i dont see friends anymore my partner of 5+ years just doesnt understand when i try talk to him he says im being silly or im crazy and has made our relationship hit rock bottem.. I hardly see family either unless they come to mine.

Day in day out i fear im going to have a panic attack or die.. Im continuously trying to control my breathing.. I can feel my heart doing horrible things and alot of the time i dont even want to get out of bed.. I really feel like i cant live like this and that its never going to get better.. Ive been doctors on 4 or more occasions and i feel like there just not listening to me they just try get rid of me after 30 seconds of trying to talk with some anti depressants.. Which i have never taken!

I also went to the hospital about my heart on 2 occasions as i can feel it doing weird things all the time.. On the first occasion they told me nothing was up, on the 2nd occasion they told me one of my heart valves was over lapping.. So now i just dont trust hospitals!

Im hoping to talk to people that are or have been through the same..

Sorry about the essay xx

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Hi, Beautiful!(like your kitty pic)

I'm new here, too. Glad you found us.

You're not the only one here who has mentioned problems with their heart. Thumpings and flutterings and racing heart seem to quite common among people with anxiety. I was in hospital because of mine a few years ago because I'd fainted a couple of times and my heart rate dropped below 40 but they found nothing wrong despite 5 days of tests. It was just stress and lack of sleep - the bodys way of forcing you to slow down. Lots of people have a slight irregularity that is completely harmless, so try not to worry. Focusing on it all the time will make it seem worse. If your doctors have been unhelpful with your problems then keep on trying until you have found one who listens, or go directly to a psychologist, especially one who specialises in anxiety if you can find one. Search the phone book or the internet for someone in your area. It's a shame that so many doctors are still so dismissive of mental health problems. Sorry your partner is not more understanding. Is there someone else in your family you can talk to? They could help you discuss things with your partner.

And when you feel down you can post here anytime. I doesn't matter how long it is! :) xxx

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Hello and welcome to the site. I was the exact same as u feel now last yr. There is defiantly a nice blue sky at the end of this black tunnel it in at the moment. I'm not saying I'm cured as its not an easy journey the recovery process is a long and bumby journey. I'm onto recovery even with set backs at times which we all have. Maybe the antidepressants r a good place to start? They can help u, I'm on them and they have done me alot of good. They have stopped me feeling I'll all the time, and it's very rare I have a panic attack even thou I still get anxious. I've gone from having two or more a day to one very rare. I needed sumthing to help me as I cudnt do anything or think of anything but anxiety. Once the ADs kicked in I was able to concentrate and that's wen I started to help my self and realised wat to do and not to do. Xxx


Hiya, I'm new to this site too,and just read your post.I'm a similar age to you I'm 25,I was the same A few months ago I couldn't go to the shops with out my anxiety kicking in.my doctor sent me to see a councillor because my fear was I'm going to faint,I was discharged after 6 sessions which is normal,but what he taught me was nothing bad will happen,and you have to stay in the situation when having a panic attack,as all tho its horrible it will go!try going to your local shops and then a little bit further each time.if u avoid or escape it you will never no what is going to happen, and what happens is nothing it's all in our minds,and are minds are powerful things.don't get me wrong I'm not cured I'm struggling a little atm,but I just remember nothing bad will happen no matter how bad the attack is.hope this helps and if you want to ask anything I'm here.Georgie x


Hi Beautiful,

I am new here too.Welcome.

Yes,I too have heart flutters from when I wake in the morning until I go to bed sometimes.

I get up as soon as I wake-no good for me to lie in bed,asstart to feel anxious.

There's nothing wrong with you.This is a classic symptom of anxiety,and the more we think about it the worse it gets.

I awoke this am and thought" yes,I feel good,no dizziness today"

10minutes later my lightheadedness kicked in(again). Xx:((( xx


Thanks for all your repIys it means alot. i havent taken the tablets cause im too scared to. I wake up in fear that im going to have a panic attwck everyday, i am also constantly trying to control my breathing i cant relax.

Im thinking about ending my long term relationship now as he just doesnt understand i have tried talking it doesnt work he says im crazy hence why they call it a 'mental illness' he just doesnt care and i feel with him around me i just cant get beeter. Im at my lowest right now.


Poor you,

You definately should get rid if he cannot understand what you are going through and support you.

My hubby is the best.

He's very forgiving(most of the time)ha ha

You need POSITIVE around you for support not NEGATIVITY!!

Is there someone close you can rely on? Xx


My mum understands but as shes ill herself i haven't said much.

I need to take my medication and look into some therapy counselling or i will never get better.. My son starts nursery on money and I'm so scared as i know i have to take him there and theres no one i can rely on :(

I havent even been out the house for the past 3 weeks i am so low!



I no its not easy , but see if just a day at a time you can manage to take your meds , just say for today , I will take one , it might help take the pressure away

It is a good idea to look into counselling , your GP should be able to help you with this

As your son starts Nursery on Monday & you havnt been out in 3 weeks , before Monday ,could you try just going a little walk around the block , so you can get the feel of leaving the house before you have to do the school run

You will get him there , keep posting & people will try & support you





Yeah,I am having cbt at the moment.Really does help to have someone to talk to(that is objective too)


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