introduction - Hi Every one!! - panic attacks

Im having really bad panic attacks at the moment im find it really hard to control them and im exhausted... i just wanna meet people with the same issues to just talk to ... i panic when im on my own ... scared of fainting or panicking and no one being around to help me. It stops me from doing thing that i want to do and I get so tired all the time... Ive had them for 10 years on and off and they are getting worse and have gotten in to a habbit.

I just wanna meet people and just talk to some one about what im experiencing....

Thanks for reading

Gemz x


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5 Replies

  • Hi gems

    Welcome to the site

    Every one on here understands how you feel

    Have you seen your GP , if you havnt it is a good place to start

    I no alot of us can be fearful , but believe me they have heard it all before , if you struggle talking face to face , you can write down how you are & just pass it to your GP , lots of us have done that

    If you have been , I would go back again

    Panic attacks are awful I no , have them myself , if we can learn to work through them , rather than fear them this does help , it does take practice though , but the more you chat on here , you will get good advise how to deal with them

    I see you have put your email on

    We can talk on here & reply as well as the option to do private messages to other members , you will pick it up as you go along & we will help you

    I personally , dont put my email address on as I have all these options on here , you can delete you email address of your post if you like , it will say delete where you have put it , maybe just till you get to no everyone , its up to you :)

    Keep talking




  • thanks whywhy, i have removed it now i am a newbie lol so i wasnt so sure how this works lol xxx i guess seeing my doc would be a good start and maybe writing it down would be a great idea so i can make sure i tell him every think and maybe give him a diary of my usual week so he can see my pattern.... i just feel so fed up with them they stop me from having fun... xxxx

  • I no gemz thats why I told you hun dont worry , we all do it lol

    See your GP , I no it would be a good start , you can post & we will support you , while you go ,


  • ok thanks xxx i will let you know when ive been x

  • Hi a warm welcome to the community, you will get lots of help and support here, there are a lot of very kind , caring people who will understand what you are going through. Seeing your GP is a good start, do keep us post on how you get on.




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