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After reading things on here I think I come to a conclusion


I think I'm going to chill out about my anxiety full stop. ive had a fear of medication just like whywhy but have today started to take my meds today for a infection in my gum !! and have decided that this will not make me feel bad and they haven't ether ( think I have been living in fear ) and that if my nurse wants me to take any medication I will but as of yet she is still of the opinion that I'm better of without them, I hope she is right and I do believe her when she says I will get better!! ( thought it might be sooner rather than later thou ) but I think I'm going to just let it be as its part of me anyway I will do what I can by going to the gym and eat nice but healthy food etc etc but most of all I'm just going to stair at it In the face and say Stu chill be happy it will pass one day, Ive come to far now not to, I'm doing a lot Maybe a bit to much but it's going to take time and that's that.

Thanks to the person who status was about counselling it was an eye opener :-) but above all this website you guys Thankyou hope you all have a nice eve and the sun just come out

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What a good attitude to have. I hope it all works out for you.

I dont take medication.Not because of a fear of them but i want to just be 'normal'. At good times i'm proud of myself, at bad times, i could be grabbing at any meds to 'bring me back to reality'.

I do have a stupid fear of rescue remedy though lol. I had my first and most severe panic attack after taking that and try as i might i can't seperate the two any more.

Oh well, keep up the good work!

Bigguy in reply to karenx

I do to I would not ether I think it shows a strength in us not a weakness because at the end I'd the day do you think rescue remedy will cure anxiety hands up if it has for anybody on here I don't think so but hay the panic was caused by your anxiety yea I think you thought omg what's in tis stuff and then we feel well panic but you no this :-) x


Hi Bigguy

What a lovely post :)

Yes it was Marcus that did the post saying its been 2 years & he is starting to feel better

I think it helps as well to hear this as we do all seem to be in a rush for a quick fix & to see someone that is getting well but has taken 2 years helps to slow us down a bit as we then can see it does work , but proves it can take time

Well done you with this attitude , its very positive :)

O yes med fear , we do have another couple of members with the same fear , I have nearly finished my antibiotics now & ok they make me feel a bit rough , but its better than having the infection , which imagine if you dont clear it up , that could turn really nasty

It wont be long before you have finished the course & your gum will thank you for it :)

Good for you , keep up the gym & healthy eating , you are doing just great & after reading Marcus's post keep that in mind it takes time but you can & will get there :)




Thanks again whywhy I hope I'm right I think I am

Hidden in reply to Bigguy

You are right Bigguy & when you are doubting you no where to come :)


Bigguy in reply to Hidden

By the way my name is Stuart the bigguy thing Came from my low opinion of myself ( I'm not after your name by the way just think all the great things you say will help me even more if you see what I mean ) x

Hidden in reply to Bigguy

OK you can all have my name , its nothing special wish it was so here we go drum roll ............

Its Beverley

Most call me Bev amongst other things :-/

See not very special

And where I got whywhy from , I think when I joined my mind was saying why me :o

And last but least , remember its whats on the inside that counts :)


Guess what my name is? :-D

Hidden in reply to karenx

Well now he has asked for mine he doesnt seem bothered , so that didnt go down well , should have stuck with whywhy

Now then is it ok if I have a guess , its a difficult one & I am only guessing & could be wrong but could it be Karen :-/


Dear Stuart,

That all sounds good. I wish you a speedy recovery from your gum infection.

warmest regards,


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