Not feeling well tonight I've come to my room after a very anxious day feeling tired

Feeling a bit unwell Tonight I went to see my GP nurse who was a bit concerned about my BP it was 150 over 110 ok a bit high but I've been feeling anxious today and she has asked me to try propranolol to see if it lowers my Anxiety and my BP of cause I said but this is a blip and I'm not sure I wanted to go down that road , as I've said so on here a few times i want to get better without meds anyway when I arrived home I phoned the mental health team to speak to my nurse who is away on hols but managed to speak to another nurse who felt the amount she had given me 40mg 3 times day was high. I'm not sure I want to take them are there any of you on these and if so what are your feelings on this I think the medical nurse just wants to see the BP come down by the way it has come down a bit 148 / 90 now anyway and I've been to the Gym and I feel anxious so have come to my bedroom to chill i want to wait and see my mental health nurse first to see what she says I have a friend who takes these tabs for migraine and say they are fine, I'm sure they are but if I can get by without them cool if my mental health nurse then says yes stu get on them I would at the end of the day I trust both nurses but the mental health nurse says your far better doing it without

Thanks for reading this

No wonder I don't feel well mixed messages

I want CBT and weekly bloody chats that's all

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  • I take propanalol for the anxiety, it does seem to help. I take 80mg once a day and if I want to take another when I'm feeling really bad then I can. I don't have any side effects with them. My sister is also on them and that's for her bp.

    I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow xxx

  • Cheers winter in what way do they help I get dizziy with my stress and have Gad will they make that feel better x

  • Hi, LM I am in the same quandary been given AD just took half and feel sick already is it in the mind or what but it is real xxx

  • Hi, LM I am in the same quandary been given AD just took half and feel sick already is it in the mind or what but it is real xxx

  • Sorry seems to have gone through twice

  • That's ok but not sure what AD is ?

  • Sorry what's AD

  • Sorry Anti Depressants.

  • They just generally calm me down. They stop my heart beating out of my chest and they my muscles to relax. I cannot really say if they will help although there is no harm in trying them, if it helps to keep your bp down then that's a good thing xxx

  • Thanks winter if I need them I might just try might

  • Hello Bigguy

    not too sure about the medication for anxiety/bp...then again i'm not keen on any medicine unless aunt takes chie seeds to help with diabeties/bp, she thinks they help a lot


  • Thankyou for that advise

  • Hi Bigguy How weird I was at my gp yest and have high bp didn't want to know how high but I was also given proanalol to try to reduce bp but also to help with my anxiety.. racing heart hot sweats etc. Took 1st one this morning and I think they will help. Give them a go Good luck

  • Please let us know how you get on with that

  • Hi Well as I said I took my first propanalol yest. The name of my tablet is actually Half Inderal LA 80mg capsules but main ingredient is propanalol!! I was a bit apprehensive as I am with all new meds but I can honestly say I didn't once feel my heart racing so its helped that I just hope it reduces my bp as I worry about that. This morning I was worried about taking the second one thinking does this keep slowing my heart rate down each day and will it start going too slow? Anyway I took it and thought I felt dizzy which you wouldn't want but just tried to be positive and not worry - think Im ok lol!!!

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