So I had another panic attack

So I'm noticing every week on Mondays I have a bad panic episode, usually it's a full attack, panic started for me febuary this year. I was bed ridden for a month straight, thought I was dying, but the most amazing thing happened after going to CBT, they subsided and went away all together. So I'm July I started working again and then decided that I was going to finish my degree, school full time, 60 Mike drive there and back Bill's needing to be caught back up on and work after classes brought it back, then my girlfriend who sat thru all the initial attacks tells me she isn't sure she can take My anxiety and has been acting distant and I'm pretty much set that it's going to end up ending. Driving to work today I had an attack, I spent the weekend with her and I've noticed that it happens after I come home and start working. I'm not sure if Its because of her or this crazy schedule. I know it will end again like the last cycle but I'm wore out running on fumes and I gotta make it until December 16th to chill out and relax. Not sure what to do but just keep moving forward. This is my venting channel so I apologize but nice to write thoughts down in to words.


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  • It may be a combination of things, its hard to pin point exactly what the triggers are sometimes, anxiety often puts a massive strain on relationships too, I'm sure many here will relate to that, I too am finding that my partner seems to be growing a little distant since I became ill, all I can say is some things are not meant to be, people who have never experienced anxiety related illness find it hard to truly understand the effects it has on sufferers, they don't get how can be, try not to do too much all at once, you need to take care and look after yourself, wishing you well :-)

  • Thanks, I'm just sick of it. Not on meds and CBT has helped alot but now I'm left with GAD, which is proving tricky to crack, I worry about worrying anymore. In my head once the semester is over and work is done, it will subside, but making it there has been my goal but I'm afraid of failing on making it there. Which is my GAD disorder. One thing that stresses me alot is the fact that my blood pressure has been crazy during this time and when I ask my doctors what to do about that at least they seem clueless. When I full relax it's in the 115 over 78 to 80 range but last Monday it spiked to 170 over 91 and lately I get these headaches and my face turns beat red and I don't feel like doing anything at all. One doctor says I need to be put on blood pressure meds, the other says I do not and need a basic ssri to calm down and to get thru this anxiety cycle, she suspect's that if I am put on one my BP will plummet too low once the anxiety subsides. That and dealing with my relationship and juggling finances work and school it's just beating me down. I just gotta make it to December 16th.

  • Hi Armyguy, With all you have going on right now and especially having GAD as well, it wouldn't be a bad idea to be put on blood pressure medication. It doesn't mean it's forever. I was diagnosed with GAD a while back and I noticed my b/p was going up like yours every time I was stressed out. I was finally put on b/p med and feel good w/o getting those headaches. I have not found my pressure to go extremely low because the anxious state we are in, keeps in afloat. Even with the medication, when I went to the oral surgeon my b/p was 170's over 100. After the extraction, it was back to a normal range. I am not on benzos but I am on Lexapro. I feel great and attribute it to the 2 meds helping keep me safe. I hope you talk it over with your doctor and think about it. My best.

  • Your certainly having a tough time, I never check my blood pressure, but I have suffered symptoms in the past due to low BP, I now just try and control it with diet and exercise as recommend by cardiologist, anxiety certainly has alot to answer for though that's for sure

  • Hello Armyguy,

    I had symptoms similar to yours and my Dr gave me a beta blocker called Propanolol. It lowers blood pressure and helps anxiety. It certainly helped me.

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