Am I feeling anxious or unwell?

Yesterday afternoon whilst sitting in a meeting with colleagues I suddenly started to feel unwell. The meeting was going well and my mind was not skipping to anxious thoughts. I felt like I was coming down with something like a cold or flu. I felt light headed and a bit wobbly on my feet. I took a couple of paracetamol tablets and felt slightly better. I enjoy attending this monthly meeting and for the first time I considered leaving early. I made it to the end and went home.

For the rest of the evening I felt a combination of feeling physically poorly and very anxious. I distracted myself with small tasks and TV. For the first time in months I took a diazapram tablet to help to calm myself down. This morning I have that cold is coming/flu feeling and am a bit anxious. What I am unsure about is being able to tell the difference between having regular minor bugs and ailments and needing to see the doctor. I am struggling at the moment with health anxiety.

Very best wishes to you and have a great day.



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5 Replies

  • Sorry to read you're having a bad morning. Are you feeling a bit better yet? Sometimes just typing your feelings to share with others can make things a little easier.

    (A mid-morning hug to you)

  • Thanks for the hug. Really appreciated. You are absolutely right. Typing your feeling to share with others does make things a little easier. Hoping that you have a great day.

  • I know how you feel.

    My health anxiety is through the roof at the moment.

    Maybe it's the weather.

  • Yes I think health anxiety can be really tough. I hope that you feel better really soon. Very best wishes


  • Oh heck... here... Have a mid-afternoon hug too ;)


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