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What am I anxious about?


That’s the question I ask myself every day. Because I can’t seem to pinpoint it. When I wake up, the first think I’ll think of is,

“How do I feel today?”

I’ve recovered from a bad bout of stomach bacteria-ish kind of pain and I’ve been feeling that I can pull a proper breath once I recovered. Is it because I’m still anxious about being unwell? I’m floating in between feeling well and spiralling into that dark abyss once more. When I feel like the anxiety is “gone”, another new symptom pops up.

Or maybe my anxiety stems from fear of dying.

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I feel you. It's not something I can pinpoint but I sure do know I feel anxious. Sorry you're dealing with this. In those moments of panic, really try and ask yourself what you're scared of

Thank you. I think it all boils down to one thing - my physical symptoms turning out to be a sickness and that sickness leading to my death. I can’t shake that thought off.

I swear I went from a normal spunky adventurous chick and over night I became terrified of the world.. I have no idea where or why it happened and I think about it all the time which doesn't help the anxiety because trying to figure out what happened has made alot of sad memories come back up

Yeah.It’s funny how anxiety has made my life changed 360 degrees. From someone who didn’t seem to fear anything who’s now scared of every little thing. It’s so so so tiring.

It is very exhausting and frustrating I'm missing out on so much!

Yes!Being in certain places makes my anxiety spike up. I’m going on vacation this December and I don’t know how I’m going to get through it.

I honestly think I have left my town maybe 10 times in 6 yrs I get so panicked I make myself physically sick! It makes me so sad I can't even go enjoy a day with my fiance. 😔

Do you get anxious at work? I started working about a month ago after 4 months of break and I can’t help but to always feel anxious.

I'm a stay at home mom at the moment I was a bartender before I quit I would get anxious at work bit usually could get through it

I’m always trying to figure out the root of my anxiety thinking maybe if I figure out why it’s happening, I can stop it or fix it, change it.. anything really. I used to be so fun and full of energy. Now all I want to do is be home because I’m scared of not feeling good.

Yes.I feel like such a downer these days.I don’t know what to do with my life tbh.I try hard to think positive,but it’s honestly easier said than done most of the time

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