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anxiety lasting all day but better evening time

I have had terrible anxiety from early am till later pm which has slowly got worse over the last 3 years have had all kinds of counselling and all types of medication my GP told me that distraction was the best way to try and cope but my CBT therapist last year said that this would only make it worse and he told me the answer was to face the fear which for me does not work please reply with any of your suggestions

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Hi Baz

I have to be honest , both suggestions sound good

It is good to try & keep busy , but at the same time the more we fear the anxiety & fight it , then it becomes a bigger fear

To go with the feelings & face them , is hard , & it does take time to learn how to do it , but eventually it does start to take the fear away & the anxiety gets less

I would suggest keep doing both suggestions , its small steps , it doesn't happen quickly , our minds have been used to one way of thinking for so long , it takes a while to learn how to do this , but lots of people on here have & its worked

Keep talking as well , that's another thing that helps





Hi Baz distraction and facing my fears worked for me.I used to sit all day every day frightened to move because of anxiety.Then one day I started to bake it was so hard at first as I was anxious all the time but each day I baked something,I found having to concentrate on a recipe stopped me thinking about my anxiety.It was a battle everyday but one I continued to do.Now I am a lot calmer not cured but I would say 80 percent better than I was/


I have had CBT for the last 8 months and it has been really good. BUT the biggest thing for me was facing the fear which I have been doing lately. It is very hard but my problem/ phobia has lessened as I put myself into more uncomfortable situations.. It has taken me quite a while to get this far so be kind to yourself, small steps at a time, (really small steps), pats on the bacvk when you do ok and you will get there. All the best.xx


I had councilling in the mid 1990's and they said to try and work through in your mind where the anxiety is coming from. Job (or lack of), spouse, money situation etc etc or more likely a combination of many all adding to the pile.

I sort-of understand where mine's coming from but, and it's a BIG but, when it hits you your brain is so overloaded with fear that it's hard to think straight.

Distraction is certainly helpful to me as well.


Hey guys,

You can only distract for so long and then it comes back to hit you like a 100 tonne brick wall. Each time, it gets bigger and harder,,,how long are you suppose to distract yourself for...Its a dated method of treatment, that helps for short periods of time - If you suffer with Anxiety distraction will make you so tired, you become exhausted distracting yourself and then your back to square one! I tried distraction for a period of time it and know first hand, distraction only works for short period and anxiety comes back harder and stronger.

Pills only mask your anxiety symptoms and make the next hit worse - I'm an ARM Buddy for ARM (Anxiety Rebalance Method), Carl Sheppard. I struggled with anxiety for 15 years. When i started to have black outs at work, thats when i knew I couldn’t mask it anymore with DISTRACTION / PILLS / IGNORING / RESEARCHING didn’t help. I had to accept i have anxiety and talk about it, not MASK it!! Please check out ARM (Anxiety Rebalance Method), Carl Sheppard - we have followers that need each others support! become an ARM BUDDY - Please stay focused and strong - Join ARM, be great to see you all there!! ;--))) xx

;--))) xx


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