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God i am getting so fed up of feeling this way i cant stop feeling extremely dizzy and it has been like this a couple of weeks but this week seems to be worse my head feels all funny and weak and my legs are like jelly and feel like i am gona faint its so horrible and tried ignoring it but gets worse rushing round and feel light headed and fuzzy it is worrying me a bit now and dont know if i am making it worse worrying scarey :( xxxxx

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Hi sheffield

So sorry to hear your having a bad day it is very scary try and do some breathing exercises big deep breaths in and puff out this way you wont feel as if your going to faint.

The legs being like jelly is awful can sympathize with you.

Lay down and try and listen to some soft music doing some breathing exercises this will really help you.

Thinking of you sending big hugs saying it will pass hun

Love Seyi xxx


Hi get checked out it could be labarynthitis. A nasty complaint that gives similar symptoms. Have you had a cold or cough or the sniffles not a full blown cold. See your GP


I know seyi thanks it does scare me and feel as though i am just going to pass out and its happening at least 4 to 5 times a day my friend said it could be meds but still worried hun thanks hope you doing ok hun and thanks hypnofix yes have had a little cold not full blown yet but my other half has one i do feel rather wobbly all the time and it does worry me thanks love xxxx


dear sheffield, do you have low b.p. or high b.p or any cradiovascular circulatory problems.? defiecient blood flow to the brain is the main cause of dizziness,giddiness.consult an specialist have thorogh checkup. there are powerful nutrimedicines to help your stop worrying and start acting.


It sounds like anxiety/panic.Very hard to accept but that is probably the only way through.

Just say to yourself these are only feelings, I'll try to take no notice and get on with whatever I am doing.


I'm in the exact same boat !! I've had the dizziness for a couple of months now. When it first started I thought I was going to have to quit my job, it really was horrible. But honestly, 2 months later and it's nearly gone.

I know it's hard, but I promise you it will pass. By the way, I don't know if your on any medication, but propranolol made my dizziness a whole lot worse. Literally as soon as I stopped taking them I felt better within 24 hours.

Hope this helps


Ah thanks guys i keep telling myself its the meds but when it comes you know how worried we get its been like it for 2 weeks now and am feeling mentally drained with them i feel really light headed esp if i have rushed about going to book into docs next week and see if its meds but now worrying about not taking them no more in case my anxiety creeps back to out of control like it was at christmas just want to cry and it to leave me alone thanks everyone your so kind xxxxx


Hi Sheffield ,so sorry your feeling this way,I know exactly how horrible it is,I have this regularly,sometimes I can't even stand up in the shower,it comes in waves with me,anxiety can cause this,so can side effects of meds, so I would check this out, only you can determine whether its the meds or not,I came off my meds,and I still feel dizzy at times,so with me its definately anxiety.I would also get your BP checked, just to put your mind at rest,if you could narrow it down,and find out whats causing it,then you could work on it,but your not alone with these feelings...xxxxx


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