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Morning/evening all!

Hi all

Tonight I have ended my long term relationship. It's been a very hard and long decision but I've decided in order to sort myself out and be better I had to start somewhere.. He didn't understand what I was going through and was very nasty about it all. I want to be able to get better so next step is to get out the house! So tomorrow i am going to my mums about half hour walk away. This is abig thing for me I haven't been there in nearly a year!

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Good luck! And well done for not letting someone put u down! Wahooo girl power! And remind yourself when your walking tomorrow were all in the same boat and your doing it for yourself! Well done and good luck :) xx


Ah good on you,beautiful.

You can never get better if someone or something is weighing you down in the have to cut loose and swim for it. Stay afloat-we are all out there bobbing along on the top of the water. You are definately not alone.

A walk sounds lovely-but don't rush it either. Take your time and enjoy everything that is around you on your travels. Walking is the best thing in the world for me.

Bestrong :-) xx


Well done you for talking steps to getting better. I walk everyday it sets me up for the day:) I also do mindfulness breathing which helps to keep things calm. You've done a very brave thing... You should be very proud of yourself for talking these steps ... You'll be a stronger person for it. Good luck xx


What type of breathing is the mindfulness one please?

I do breathing ALL the time,but sometimes it makes it worse 'cos I'm conscious of the fact that I'm doing it!! Xx


Hi babyhippo,

Mindfulness is training your mind and body. There are lots of apps available that are free. The one I use is . Mindfulness takes a bit of getting use to but is worth it. If you want to read alittle about it the magazine woman and home has a few pages on the subject. Good luck x


Hi yummimummy

Thanks for the headsup on that one.

My friend did 10 week mindfulness course-said it was real on nhs

But I tried a year later to join a course,and 'cos I work a few hours a week and not claiming benefits I had to pay £180(hence I didn't do the course) which by the way was only 1/2 filled.

:-) xx


Yeah courses are expensive !! That's why search the net and found loads of helpful sites and apps. Hope it works for you:)x


Well done, I know how hard it is as I did that in March this year............... Keep strong...........

Best of luck

Ker xx



Am looking at free apps for my android s we speak. :-) :-) xx



Well done , this is a big step , but if it was the right thing for you , feel proud that you had the courage to see it & do something about it , that takes some doing

I hope you enjoy your day out :)





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