Morning/evening all!

Hi all

Tonight I have ended my long term relationship. It's been a very hard and long decision but I've decided in order to sort myself out and be better I had to start somewhere.. He didn't understand what I was going through and was very nasty about it all. I want to be able to get better so next step is to get out the house! So tomorrow i am going to my mums about half hour walk away. This is abig thing for me I haven't been there in nearly a year!


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10 Replies

  • Good luck! And well done for not letting someone put u down! Wahooo girl power! And remind yourself when your walking tomorrow were all in the same boat and your doing it for yourself! Well done and good luck :) xx

  • Ah good on you,beautiful.

    You can never get better if someone or something is weighing you down in the have to cut loose and swim for it. Stay afloat-we are all out there bobbing along on the top of the water. You are definately not alone.

    A walk sounds lovely-but don't rush it either. Take your time and enjoy everything that is around you on your travels. Walking is the best thing in the world for me.

    Bestrong :-) xx

  • Well done you for talking steps to getting better. I walk everyday it sets me up for the day:) I also do mindfulness breathing which helps to keep things calm. You've done a very brave thing... You should be very proud of yourself for talking these steps ... You'll be a stronger person for it. Good luck xx

  • What type of breathing is the mindfulness one please?

    I do breathing ALL the time,but sometimes it makes it worse 'cos I'm conscious of the fact that I'm doing it!! Xx

  • Hi babyhippo,

    Mindfulness is training your mind and body. There are lots of apps available that are free. The one I use is . Mindfulness takes a bit of getting use to but is worth it. If you want to read alittle about it the magazine woman and home has a few pages on the subject. Good luck x

  • Hi yummimummy

    Thanks for the headsup on that one.

    My friend did 10 week mindfulness course-said it was real on nhs

    But I tried a year later to join a course,and 'cos I work a few hours a week and not claiming benefits I had to pay £180(hence I didn't do the course) which by the way was only 1/2 filled.

    :-) xx

  • Yeah courses are expensive !! That's why search the net and found loads of helpful sites and apps. Hope it works for you:)x

  • Well done, I know how hard it is as I did that in March this year............... Keep strong...........

    Best of luck

    Ker xx

  • Thanks.

    Am looking at free apps for my android s we speak. :-) :-) xx

  • Hi

    Well done , this is a big step , but if it was the right thing for you , feel proud that you had the courage to see it & do something about it , that takes some doing

    I hope you enjoy your day out :)




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