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what is wrong? anxiety?

I took a bad reaction to a Vitamin B3 Niacin tablet nearly a year ago now..the flushing effect happened. I took antioxidants etc as i was told that it had affected my blood. Ever since every little thing i obsess over and freak myself out. When i am busy working away or doing things i am obviously not thinking of how i feel therefore i am ok, however at night time when i start to relax or any other time during the day when i get time to sit down and think i start to get not well. I have feeling were i feel like i am just going to get dizzy and faint, i sometimes get a fast heart beat, like the start of a panic attack however after 10 mins i am back to normal. At the moment i had a dull ache in my stomach which ive had for 3-4 days not and goes down to my feet....probably completely normal...however i freak out and obsess over and google my symptoms...which is not good, because at the moment i have a life threatening illness! haha. Is this anxiety after what has happened to me and because my brain is in overdrive its making me think im unwell? Please reply someone to put my mind at rest.

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Hello crombie

Yes I am sure you have all the symptoms of anxiety.Obviously you need to go to your GP to have it checked out'

However you have fallen into the trap of "Googling your symptoms" I think a lot of us have done included.......and then we end up thinking we have every disease under the sun.

I am sure you'll be fine if you follow your own common sense AND stay away from google.

Anxiety is obviously not life threatening but it can have some nasty effects on one so you need to take it seriously.There are a lot of things out there to help you and medication is not always the answer.

And of course you will find friendly support here also.

Good Luck


Hello thank you for your reply...didn't think i would get one! :-)

i am always tense....even when sitting in the car when i realize how tense i am and relax its actually quite scary. I think i have learned to manage the panic attacks and i've tried to continually tell myself that if it was really damaging me i would be dead by now (i know that sounds over the top)

I do get a bit eeeek when i am out, however i try to push myself, because after 10 mins or so im back to a normal feeling.

I have been to docs a few times, who have checked for an underactive thyroid, checked blood pressure etc and all came back fine. I did however lose a lot of weight and i'm still trying to get it back on...slowly but surely. Just nice to be reassured sometimes.


I can't seem to relax either,I'm having a really panicky morning,been like this for months,iv had every test going all clear,but still I think I'm really Ill,it's worse when u live alone,it seems to magnify,iv lived at the docs these last few months and I'm sure they will kick me out before long,I'm sure if I left home today and disappeared no one would miss me


Could really do with some help today


Are you on any medication to relax you? I have been to docs a few times, but they always seem to brush you off. I ended up going to see jan de vries…I don’t know if you have heard of him? He really is amazing, as soon as he looked at me he knew what was wrong and gave me the right medication to sort me out. He said it had cleared up and since then I have been back to docs who said I had stress. I am currently on no medication and to be honest I would rather keep it that way. After the bad reaction I have been left with anxiety and panic. My panic lasts for like 10 mins and goes away but leaves me tired and I get annoyed that its happened and end up dwelling on it. I know that its in my head and I just need to learn to accept it and when its over that’s it. Your life is precious, just try and work out what does relax you and if you don’t feel well you should not be afraid to go to the doctors.


Hi Crombie, I have been reading everyones messages on here and it upsets me that so many people are struggling with anxiety...I really feel for you and I wanted to respond. I suffered with similar symptoms, feeling ill all the time, over analysing every symptom I had, checking Google, even thinking I was going to die, I lived a life of misery. I would visit the doctor, explain what I was feeling, and all he would prescribe is more pills. I was so unhappy and questioned everything. After years of struggling, I couldn’t take anymore, I hit rock bottom and started to have black outs – I was so scared. I Google my new symptoms of blacking out and thought I was going to die and this is when I came across ARM (Anxiety Rebalance Method), Carl Sheppard. I just want to say to people, visit your doctor, but please dont think pills will get rid of the problem, it will just mask it. I know now, that I needed to talk, not mask my anxiety. ARM (Anxiety Rebalance Method), Carl Sheppard helped me talk about my anxiety and understand how i can work with it, not mask it! Have a look and let me know what you think, it will help you. xx


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