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Help anxiety is ruining my life So scared something must be wrong

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Right so first my eyes are hurting seeing dots everywer doffrent colours even blue and also muscle spasm muscle aches and pains feel detached out my body head hurts I get derealization adrenaline rushes twitches also thaights just keep thinking I have a tumor because of my eyes and headaches but had eye test last week pressure was fine and eyes wer just had floaters I just keep thinking I am dieing it's ruining my life I also get burning sensation and sometimes feel like I can't breath I don't even no what normal is anymore I bet I am worrying when I am normal it's just horrible I feel so down just want to cry I ised be so out going and sport active now can't even go gym without my heart goin just need help please

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Hello John

Sorry to see you back in such a state , I thought your silence may have meant you were enjoying your lovely baby Daughter , I hope Mother & baby are well :-)

Now this weekend I have been with a migraine , I get visual disturbance where all I can see are zig zags and half of everything then a banging headache , it also makes the side of my face you numb & yes it is very frightening even though I have been getting them for over 10 years now but when I feel that fear I have to reason with myself ....I have seen a Doctor ...I have been checked out & after all this time I think it would be the longest Brain tumor in history if something more had not happened by now ...can you relate to this with your floaters and maybe reason with yourself in a similar way when that fear creeps in

Also for a week I have been suffering with the worse indigestion I have had in a long while , feeling I cannot swallow my food , burning in my throat , dreadful it is but I also know I have been having a stressful time with one thing & another happening so again I have to reason with myself this has flared up because of the stress and you John stress so much over your eyes that this will no doubt be why you are getting these sensations to

Hope this may help a little & hope you can reason with your thinking & have a nice evening with your little family :-) x

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Thank you so much it's just realy hard I get like the weirdest feeling like everything in my body drops to my feet or the other way round then feel empty it's weird and scary and my eyes freak me out and have realy bad health anxiety just wana be normal again x

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Hi John

I understand ...I have Health Anxiety to , I have had it for years so I no exactly how your mind will be thinking , but we have to really work on this to try & change these thoughts around and we can it can get so much better ...Think about seeing your Doctor about some therapy maybe because I really feel you could do with something like that to get you back on track ....when you get these feelings try & keep in the front of your mind that it is not your worse fears but anxiety and let them come and go again x

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Yes thank you ye I vould defiantly fo with counciling or something I just wana believe I am got Nd healthy x

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Hi John, Just a little info on my fear and anxiety, maybe it will help you. I've been going through all of this stuff since Grade School, I'm 66 and still here. My mother also suffered through fear and Panic and Anxiety most of her life. She used to say she wouldn't wish this on her worst enemy, I agree. Its a terrible thing to try to deal with, Knowing that you have to face it every day, and never knowing when it will hit you. I read a lot of books on it, haven't found one that really helps that much, but they do help some. So I decided to try this group, thinking maybe we can help each other.I have terrible fears about soooo many things, right now and for a lot of years now my biggest fear is that my back and hips are going to give out, and I won't be able to take care of my son (he has RA and so do I) and my grand children, and our pets. That keeps me in a constant panic. Every little pain Throws me into an instant panic, and they say fear is paralizing, that's very true. I get a pain and get so panicked I get the ice pack and sit until I can get through the panic, and try getting around again. I no the biggest part of the pain, and things I feel is Fear and panic, If I could just get that under control I'd be so much better. I've went from one thing to another for about fifty five years now, thinking my throat was closing up, thinking I was gonna be crippled, chest pains worrying about so many kinds of cancer. severe headaches where half my face and body would go numb, terrible stomach problems, where I have to run to the bathroom some times 15 times aday. the stomach problems are probably when the panic attacks started and them I still have. they can pop up when ever I get the least bit nervous or upset about anything, they're why I am an agoraphobic. Afraid to leave home very often cause I might get sick. So this is just a little of my story. See your not so bad, it could be worse. we just keep trying to find the answer on how to deal with this and no theres so many of us out there going through it. hopefully we can help each other deal with it, just keep sharing what helps us. I wake up with panic attacks in the middle of the nite, in order to get back to sleep I have to turn the music on and drown out my mind. Good luck :)

I understand exactly how you feel! I've been going through all that and more for the past 2 months. I was seeing spots, had every and any kind of pain possible had a ct scan of my head and complete blood work done twice and had my heart checked and each doctor/hospital visit they all told me the same exact thing I had anxiety and depression. I would cry for no reason and constantly feel like there must be something wrong with me. I wish I could tell you when it'll get better but I can't. It's just something you have to take one day at a time. I use to be really out going and loved hiking but now I have heart flutters if I even walk 5 mins I get stressed for no reason. I hope you get to feeling better and there's some awesome people here that's helped me so if you need anyone to talk to there's a lot of us here willing to listen.

Firstly, I am really sorry for your condition, I guess you'll find a lot of people around here, including me who can relate to your condition. All the things you are experiencin right now, all the most, everything, has visited us more than a hundred times. I am not sure if I am supposed to speak for others, but the only reason I am speaking for "us", is that I want you you to know that you are not alone. Try not to hype it, and never do you let your thinking get to you. Your mind, It's a masterpiece, if it goes negative, it's a killing machine. Keep yourself busy, once you have made sure by the doctor's that you are physically fit, just try to ignore.

As one of my fav users here "tabu" rightly said, Try to live in the moment, and not in the head.

That should really help.

Hope this helps


I feel that same way you do.. Honestly sometimes I just cry because that's the only thing that makes me feel better.. I'm also looking for a therapist.. I was getting therapy 4 years ago.. It helped a lot.. I'm going to go back... I am ready to be my normal self

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cpmydream in reply to Patittos_

You are already yourself patittos!!

the more hard you crave to be yourself the more anxious you feel,

I feel the same way.. this anxiety shitt really suxx but wut helps me a little is to sit in the shower with the lights off some of you fave music and let the water hit u and close ur eyes... Please try this

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