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Anxiety allergic scare


Since I've stopped smoking and drinking I've been doing pretty fine for myself

But lately the one thing that's been freaking me out, "currently" I'm kinda panicking because I'm thinking that my dog is causing me to have an allergic reaction I feel fine right now just had a little itching on my arm after petting him and what not

But idk I'm always scared of like anything like throat swelling and I just over obsess about stuff like that even though it has never happened and I've had him for almost 6 years.

Calming advice anyone who has scary thoughts like this ?

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I deal with this same thing. No worries. You said itching. Same thing has been happening to me. It's just the changing of the seasons. The air is much dryer. So your skin is dryer. What I thought was an allergy rash was just a little eczema. I recommend rubbing on some olive oil and then a non scented lotion multiple times a day. Made my itching and redness clear right up in a week.

I have eczema also and I use a cream for it

I guess after petting my dog his hair pricked me or something

But ugh I just hate how bad my health anxiety is sometimes I always assume the worst and think I'm gonna fall over or something 🙃

Same haha anytime I use a new skin product or eat a fruit thats sour and hurts my mouth I think I'm gonna die. But my mom always told me. That unless I start seeing my lips swell I'm gonna be okay. I don't know if that's actually true but it helps me calm down to analyze my face and see I look fine.

True that. I'm gonna try and set an alarm for an hour away and if I feel better by then, then I know I'll be fine.

I'm gonna try and write some music to help me feel better

Thank you so much

I'll post an update

Ive had allergic reactions 3 times. from what I understand, which is based on no medical training, if you were going to be allergic to something that you've been exposed to for 6 years you would have had lesser reactions first like hives. The only serious reaction I had, I had hives the first time I took it and I kind of ignored that (penicillin). Then it got worse the next time and I knew it to go in. My lips did swell on different reaction (pineapple) but took benadryl and went to bed for some odd reason and I woke up in the morning and went to Urgent Care and it was okay in a few days- but my doc said never have lip swelling and go to sleep so that's something to remember. I don't know about you other anxious folk, but for me I worry so much about the things that don't happen but when something actually does happen I'm pretty laissez-faire about it? I say all that to say that I think if you are allergic to something for 6 years you would have something a little more pronounced than a little bit of itching as a warning. If there are hives more intense itching where you make red marks you should investigate. I agree with Sarah that the change of seasons can make your skin drier and that changes as we get older and when it first happens it's a surprise to us. My drier skin happened in my mid-twenties and I was like what's going on? Unfortunately it's natural. Anyway before you get rid of your dog you should maybe see an allergist. Sorry that my posts are always too long but good luck!

No no don't apologize

Thank you so much I appreciate the time you took to respond to this. I set an alarm an hour from my panic attack and I'm almost at that time and I feel a lot better

It sucks because anxiety can mimic the symptoms of the things you're afraid of the most which really sucks

Yes! Anxiety is the great mimicker and it feeds on our fears. My dog is the greatest thing that ever happened to me and she happens to be hypoallergenic but I didn't plan it that way. I'm sure your baby loves you and you will find that s/he will be your greatest ally in this journey.

Oh and since I sometimes get a little bit itchy and weird I keep calamine lotion around and that does the trick since i tend towards allergies which is something new for me. Also if you're concerned about allergic reactions always keep Benadryl handy.

Just an update

As always it was all just in my head 😩😩

Thank you to everyone for your advice and kind words.

This is why I love this site and recommend it to others who deal with anxiety

When your mind is not calm, it occupies itself by making up,ll be fine..

Best wishes

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