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What is wrong with me?

I have been having this problem for 2 1/2 years now. I have been to a ton of doctors medical and natural doctors. It all started I got the flu and I think I got really dehydrated. About 1-2 weeks after I was feeling better I woke up one morning with extreme brain fog everything felt weird I just couldn't function. When I would drive I would forget where I was going or how to get there. I was extremely tired also this lasted for a week straight then finally let up a little. But ever since I have had lots of problems with it.

Symptoms that come and go currently are: dizziness, lightheaded like I'm going to faint, ear fullness, sharp pains in the head on and off, stomach issues - pain and diariah. Feel very anxious at times, heart palpitations . Driving is a real problem for me I can't drive long distances it gets really bad when I do that. But even just driving to grocery store will bother me my vision gets weird and I get very anxious. I used to never be this way I used to jump in car and drive anywhere by myself with out a second though- not anymore.

I have takin lots of blood tests, 2 EKGs , a ct scan. All came back normal

My natural doctors have told me that my adrenals are not functioning correctly so am current on adrenal support. But nothing seems to really help.

I am at my wits end with it because it has takin over my life I have kids and I feel like I'm not giving my kids 100% because I don't feel good.

The only thing that makes me feel better is to just lay down.

Please help!!

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I think it was just co-incidence with the fly. I dont think anxiety starts off with the flu. But certainly your symptoms sound like Anxiety. And yes it can take over your life. Like many of us we are on medication . I cannot tell you what you should take, its better to go yo your Dr. And like many of us we have been to the Drs and have had every test done under the sun and all come back normal. My advice is to see your Dr and get a prescription, plus try to keep active. Its a dreadful disability. No body knows what it is like unless they suffer too. Some of my friends say... Get over it Jack. But i cant, i try. But it does come in waves. I can be great for a few weeks but when the anxiety hits me it will also last a few weeks. We are all on this forum as we all suffer from anxiety. Read some of the posts then u wont feel alone. Good luck




I am no expert here, when having anxiety or panic attack your adrenal glands produce adrenalin for the fight or flight response. It effects everyone differently or at different severity. Some experience the same symptoms. You are experiencing anxiety/panic symptoms. You should go back to your doctors and have them explain the adrenal gland function properly to you. What do you mean your adrenal glands are not functioning properly. Are they producing too much, too little or kicking in when they are not supposed too?

Hope this helps. Take care. You are not alone.

Kind regards



Thank you for all your support. It's nice to talk to somebody that knows and understands how I feel. I talk to my husband and my other family about it and they just don't understand how bad it is.

When I talked about my adrenals my doctor said that my adrenals were not functioning at all. So my body needs them and they are not there he said that is why I feel worse when I am up and around because my adrenals are not there to support anything. I have been on adrenal support for about 6 weeks now and they are coming back slowly.

I guess what scares me the most is there is always something in te back of my head that maybe there is something more wrong with me. But then I know that if there was when I lay down my symptoms wouldn't get better and when I'm driving when I get home I wouldn't feel a little better.

It is a relief to me that it is anxiety but I need to he it under control.

Thanks you all so much for your support in glad that I found some were that I can go to talk when I need it.


Hi. I have similar symptoms to yourself. Dizziness, balance etc. I personally think that before anxiety kicks in fully, we have been under stress for some time. The final push can com after some sort of trauma - which can be emotional or physical. A bout of illness can do it. I had measles years ago in my teens, it hit me hard and I had my first panic attack. I had many years free from debilitating symptoms but 4 years ago I suddenly took appendicitis, followed by fractured wrist (needed surgery). I recovered well but my nervous system went out of kilter because I had had stressful situations in my life for a period of time before hand. Try to accept your body letting you know how it's feeling. Eat well, look after your wellbeing. It will pass. Incidently, I am going along for first time to a mindfullness class next week.


You sound just like me. I've dealt with similar conditions for years, and just this year I found a doctor who actually listened to me and has researched. I am critically deficient in Vit B12. It makes me furious that the doctors, sooo many, could not order a simple blood test! I have had this for years, and it is going to take a long time to reverse the damage. I have been through vision therapy and balance therapy. I am now receiving B12 injections on a weekly basis. I also have restless leg syndrome, and the med I have taken for years has contributed to my problems. It was Mirapex or pramipexole. Or, it might also be side effects of anti depressants, if you take any. I would ask to have your B12 levels checked. Can't get much easier.


Thanks I will look into the b12. I am going to doctor this next week will have them test for it.



Hi look for a good adrenal support supplement. I take Seriphos as well as some other peeps on here, and will be starting Pregnelone or Pregnegdelone not sure of the correct spelling it through an Integrative Medical Doc not my Endo or GP (idiots) for adrenal support to back them up and hopefully help with the the production of the other hormones as I have been having similar symptoms to you for quite sometime and my adrenals are not backing up the sex hormones which they are supposed to do. I am also now in menopause so something to consider :) I am happy I found this Dr who looks at all the whole person. I was one of the luckier ones I guess but I will have to see how this mother hormone/precursor to the others produced by the adrenals helps and then I will let you know. I currently take 2 caps an hr before bed of Seriphos and the Dr wants me to up to 4 per night so I will go to 3 for a bit then 4 due to cost! :)


Thank you, I have been taking adrenal support for a while now but this new doctor I am seeing put me on a super adrenal much stronger it is a pill form. I'm on 2 a day.


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