I'm getting worse everyday, someone help me what is wrong

Summer time last year I started feeling all spaced out and heart was racing, now I feel spaced out and numb all over my body every single day and there's not one time of the day we're I feel myself, I feel like a total different person, when I talk my voice seems so far out like it's not mine, I have pressure in my head and in my sinus' and temples and it just occurs out of the blue, the worst symptoms is the numbness and dream like feeling and not recognising myself, everything looks so weird and fake, also i get confusion a lot, like if I stare into space and think about something then snap out of it I forget we're I am and things just start to look weird for a few seconds, does anyone feel the same ????


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  • Hello madison x are you taking any mefication

  • Medication that was suppose to say x

  • No I'm not x

  • Hi Madison1234, I remember this all started for you 2 months ago when you experienced a panic attack at the airport I believe. Have you seen your doctor since then? Has he put you on medication as well as having some therapy? This happens many times from that first terrorizing panic attack. It lives on in your mind enough to have all different kind of symptoms manifest. You need to see a professional regarding when you are feeling everyday. It's robbing you of living your life but first you need a diagnosis. We will be here to support you. x

  • Hi agora1, I don't tend to think about the panick attack I had in the airport, I keep thinking I have a brain tumour and I'm going to die and I'm not going to live x

  • Madison, what does your doctor say. It can be easily proved if this is more than anxiety by your doctor performing an MRI or CT scan.

  • doctor says it's all in my head, I've been counselling but it didn't help, I've had blood tests eye tests, and a water test and blood pressure test and all came back fine, they won't give me a CT scan but I feel so so bad in myself I think it's something serious x

  • I feel quite spacey at times like am in a dream people talk to me and I really have to listen to them talk or it doesn't register in my brain it's quite bizarre and scary but that's when I have a bad day with my anxiety.

  • Sounds like derealization. Very common symptom of anxiety :( go see your dr to rule anything else out and maybe go to therapy or start meds. Best of luck to you. Anxiety is a terrible beast

  • I have that derealization every single minute of every day, it's been with me for nearly a year now

  • Mine comes and goes. It was at it's worst when I was first diagnosed with Anxiety disorder. I keep trying different things because I refuse to give up on myself. Something has got to work. Don't give up!

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