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Don't know what's causing my anxiety


On a daily basis I wake up with a feeling of dread, feel sick and have the "butterfly" sensation in the pit of my stomach. I have hot sweats and feel lightheaded. My senses often feel dulled and I find it difficult to take in my surroundings. I feel tired all the time and sometimes get this wave of exhaustion where my legs feel weak and I think I'm going to collapse. This causes me to feel panicked which makes me feel worse! I don't enjoy going anywhere anymore because I am scared I will collapse whilst I'm out. I try and tell myself it hasn't happened yet and it is just my anxiety but in that moment I feel so panicked it's difficult to think rationally and deep down I don't I think it can just be anxiety making me feel like this and I could be seriously ill. Any pain now I get in my head, chest or abdomen sends me into a blind panic. I just feel scared all the time. It also makes me feel so alone. Don't know how I'm going to overcome this as I have no idea what the trigger was or what is even causing me to feel like this.

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I can relate to how you are feeling , I have been there & every symptom you mention I have felt it & like you I never believed anxiety could possibly make you feel that bad that it must be something else & when those thoughts kept going round in my head I was just feeding the anxiety which created more of these feelings you talk about

I no we have a rational side to our thinking & then there is the anxiety side & unfortunately the anxiety side of our thinking pattern wins again keeping us in the clutches of anxiety but be reassured this can change even though is can be a slow process for some we can overcome anxiety

Have you spoken to your Doctor about how you are feeling ?

I really think this would be a good place to start

You could write down all you are feeling & then if you struggle when you have the appointment you can refer to it or even hand it to them so they can get a clear picture of how you are feeling

If you already have seen a Doctor I would still go back again , you could see the same one but if you did not find them very helpful you could see another one in the same surgery that could be more understanding towards anxiety even though so many now seem to have a greater knowledge how this affects us but you need support & as well as talking to maybe family & friends ? or people on here your Doctor can be a huge support to , giving you that reassurance there is nothing physically wrong & then moving forward to which is the best way to support you , it does not have to be medication there is different kinds of counselling you could try which lots find very helpful to get to understand how to change their way of thinking

Try not to over think how this started , it can creep up on anyone but focus & find the strength deep within to say , Right I know I have anxiety now I shall take action & start to deal with it

Be kind to yourself though & remember it is not a race but small steps will get you to a better place than where you are now

Take Care x

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. It is reassuring to speak to someone that has been there and is recovering. My next plan is to ask my doctor for some counselling see if I can change my way of thinking.


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Sounds like a good plan to me :-)

Try not to think to far a head , stay in the day , nothing lasts for ever & neither will this , slowly with support you will get your life back :-) x

I feel the exact same way today I felt so shaky all day whenever I tried to do housework. My symptoms seem to change a lot too. I also find it so hard to believe it's all down to anxiety even though I have had many clear tests I just don't know what to do. I don't really have any great advice as I'm in the same boat as you but just know your are not the only one and let's hope we get better x

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. It is such a horrible feeling and very difficult to describe it to someone who doesn't suffer with it. I plan to try some counselling to see if I can change my way of thinking. It's just scary thinking I will feel like this for the rest of my life.


Hi I'm new to anexity n I feel exactly the same like there's something seriously wrong coz what comes with anxiety is truly scary especially the feeling like yr going to collapse it's horrible but I don't think my gp has been very supportive but I'm on a waiting list for councilling but I also don't av a trigger as to y it's happening either

I just want to get back to work n get back to normal but it's a long road to recovery that Carbt be rushed

It's the feeling of being scared all the time that I hate. It comes on so suddenly as well. I could be out shopping and one minute I feel completely fine the next I come over all hot and lightheaded and I start to panic that I am going to collapse and I need to get home instantly. I can feel my heart racing and my legs tremble. I don't have any idea what has triggered it though. Some people can be unsympathetic and tell me it's all in my head or just stop worrying. I so want to get back to how I used to feel. Every day is so draining.

I can relate to the draining part

My mum is trying to understand n be there for me but she finds it difficult coz she has never suffered

I get that I just want to get home

Other week it took me ages just to go to the pound shop in town as I had nothing in for the kids I had to sit dwn then n when ppl were walking past me it's like there not real like there zombies!!!!

I can so relate to everything you have said. I don't even make plans to do anything anymore as the thought of having to be somewhere at a certain time makes me feel so anxious. I was going to go to town today but I'm not sure now if I will go.

We will get better one day. Let me know how you get on.


I'm new to this site but I know how every single person on here is feeling...this is my third struggle with anxiety and depression and its just as hateful everytime...I haven't had a bout of it in 8 years so to have it back is trigger this time seems to have been moving house...thought it would be a new start for us all...I have three children...12..10..15 months...but I'm really struggling to settle...its so lonely two older children are from a previous marriage...their dad has them every other night so I'm seeing less of them now we've moved..where we lived before was so handy...I every single day at some stage because their dad lived in the same baby's dad and I are together but the relationship isn't great..we are just so different and I know deep down its not working but I'm too scared to be on my own especially now....its all so messed up I can't can't even think straight right now..hate my life. right now and just want to stay in bed....

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling like this. Anxiety is evil. Some days I feel completely fine and then all of a sudden "bang" the anxiety hits me out of nowhere and it is terrifying. I just want to feel normal again but can't see it happening anytime soon. X

I also feel the same way you feeling at this moment I'm feeling dizzy and fatigue I was just discharged from the hospital yesterday night after fainting at the hospital just went there to show the doctor my ECG test this happened

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