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Therapy is confusing/scaring/relieving/helping me but it still makes me nervous!

Hi, i haven't been on here for a while but i find it very helpful when something is troubling me.

I have been seeing my therapist for 4 weeks now,and i have to say,so far so learning some CBT which IS helping me,managing to do my own food shopping now!,sounds silly.....HUGE achievement for me!! However, although she is helping with my anxiety on a day to day basis, i am yet to tell her something huge which is the root cause of it all. I felt i wasnt able to tell her to start off with and im running out of sessions,i need to tell her so do i just drop the bomb??

it needs to be said but she'l wonder why i never told her sooner,every session is helping me but i still am a ball of nerves and sick the day before my sessions,i dont know why :( and now im terrified of saying anything incase shes angry with me (a big trigger of mine) :(

i dont know what to do. please help?


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She will understand, and will have experienced lots of people who can't or don't open up for quite some time don't be afraid...she's a therapist she will open up when you personally feel ready just tell her you were afraid to tell.....

All good wishes to you xxxx


Just be honest, its all we can be, no need to drop a bomb, just say whats bothering you.

Sounds like its helping,

wishing you well




thank you, both of you :)


I know exactly what you mean Kayleigh. All I can say is that your Councellor knows that it takes time to gain your trust. She could be sensing that there are underlying issues you might not be ready to discuss yet and would prefer that you 'reveal' them at your own pace. Why would she be angry if you've finally got the confidence to tell her about a major issue that's resurfaced, or you now feel ready to talk about. It would be a credit to her skills and kindness that you've made it this far. It's likely that you'll be offered more sessions if a 'breakthrough' is made. Good luck! Please let us know how things turn out.


thank you agora :) feeling better about it already


I think you have to trust your therapist first before you tell them all. You obviously feel comfortable to do that now. She won't be shocked, she is there to help you and so you have to confide in her so that she can. Hope all goes well. All the best.xx


Speaking as a therapist, I can assure you that it's absolutely fine for you to tell your therapist what you want to tell them.

Therapists are not there to judge and we don't judge. We simply want to serve our clients in the best way possible and to do that we need to have as much information as possible about what is actually going on for our client.

Everything that's said between therapist and client is confidential so you're free to express yourself honestly. Therapists appreciate how much courage and strength it can take for a person to be honest with us and we don't get angry that clients haven't told us something. We're simply interested in serving our clients as best we can.

If you feel you can't say what you want to say, write it out on a piece of paper and let the therapist read it.


I told her today! :D very proud of myself,an intense session much crying but at least now we can start joining up the dots!! :)


Well done. Pleased for you.


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